1. Jibril- Rumble - All white here! I turned my pajamas
    into a high fashion modern look. I’m not even lying I woke up dressed like this with the shorts and shirt and liked the cool rich feel it had but it did look flimsy and a bit cheap. So I ironed the shirt threw on some sneakers and a snapback, and boom! So I’ve been really crazy about white these past days and not just all whit but one color all around looks. I love these reeboks that my brother bought because I feel they’re perfect for a super modern look without breaking the bank account. I got the snap back at a goodwill outlet in downtown LA the shirt in london and the shorts are literally pajama short my grandma got me back in the Caribbean. Check out the guy in the pics with me Darrin he hat his own blog too so go give it a look - http://tonydarrin.com

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