1. N. Kingsley DR.

    Walking down the streets with the homie hebert.

    Hope you like! :) 

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  2. N. Kingsley DR.

    Jibril and Hebert took a walk up through some neighbourhoods in Hollywood. Here are some cool shots i got. Not really a planned shoot at all. Just CrUiiiISING!

    Shot by - Jalan

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  3. June Gloom 

    June Gloom 


  4. Jibril - Slipped on a banana peel - Super Beachy with a touch of classy. I had a hard time making this blazer work but it came along just fine. We shot in Santa monica to get a super sunny beach look, but the table turned that day, and the Clouds were upon us. Not mad though i like the gray, dark vibe we were able to get. I’m loving this Tee usually not a fan of T-shirts but when a good one comes a long. Yiiiih! Hahah


    T- shirt - Duchesse Paris

    Shorts - American Apparel Kool short

    Blazer - Vintage Thrifted

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