1. Jibril-Composition-Wearing Pray for Paris obviously! I was gonna do something weird and more a ante garde here but I guess jalan beat me to it! I loved the out come at the bottom I have a tied bomber jacket around my waist, it’s actually a really nice one but I just don’t like wearing bomber jackets with all the colors it’s not because it’s really over done I just find it too easy. The jacket has all the details no need to put in any effort haha. So yeah that’s the combo thanks to pray for Paris for the awesome pharaoh tee. Like my necklace?  peace!

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  2. Jalan-Book over troubled brain-Hello guys! So frist I would like to thanks Pray For Paris for the shirts, they were so comfortable and the design was amazingly unique(I don’t think thats correct english but). So yea the whole Paris thing threw our minds right back to home, so the looks were inspired by high fashion runway style but my main goal for my look was to combine a Scottish, french and old school hip hop style into one. Now I don’t know if it was a complete success but now I do know that gold on green make an amazing combo and wearing a skirt makes your private area feel like windy Chicago! lol :) 


    Bottom- Grey School skirt

    Sneakers- Reebok Freestyle

    Shirt- Pray for paris

    Sunglasses- Vintage sunnies

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  3. Two of our favorite combos so far! :)

    Two of our favorite combos so far! :)


  4. Jibril - The Jungle Book - So here is sort of a Jungle book inspired look. Jungle turned classic. The darkness of the damp area with the colors brought by the wild life and other plantation.I love traditionalist men’s wear with a twist! That classic shirt classic pants/short but colors that are not usually done. Not too brag or anything but I’ve see something similar or if not the same outfit as I’m wearing be done a few times by other men but the colors are usually really similar. It’s always tones of navy blue , blacks, grays and/or browns. Me and my brother really want to help promote colorful combinations in menswear. Do what you do with the right fits guys but lets add some Color and spunk to it. So pretty much here I’m wearing a color block stripe shirt I got for a really low price, haha. The shorts are from our friends at American apparel.  The Leather Tote bag is from them as well. It’s originally a women’s bag I think but it’s black so I think it passes  . So that’s the combo as you see I took a lot of pride in putting this together and I love the outcome, and I hope you do as well!