1. Jibril-New Jack City-I was scrolling down Tumblr the other day and I fell on Nino Brown from New Jack City and I was Immediatley inspired to do a look. Jalan said when he herd the chain clinging in the closet he thought “oh dear another tacky try out look“, because everytime we try looks with that chain they end up being a bit much but this time I tucked it in to just give a gold scarf effect. Then Jalangave me his gold pin and I added the American Apparel tank top and called it a look!

    (Source: durimel.com)


  2. Jalan-Crazy People-Denim, Denim, and some Docs, and some socks! haha. That’s basically all this look has and I have to thanks our friends at American Apparel cause YES, The top and bottom pieces are both AA. :) I wanted to do a mental institute inspired look but still fashion oriented and I feel like the docs brought it right back to fashion week!


  3. Our visit to Mattison - Walking around Melrose place we saw this Aweomse menswear store called Mattison. We had Never Heard about it but, pretty much they make perfectly tailored contemporary suits for men, and also formal footwear. So we tried some suits on and took a few pics. Visit the Boutique it’s a really cool experience actually. It’s like the Future inside there. Haha! 


  4. Wearing Pray for Paris

    Wearing Pray for Paris


  5. Jibril-Composition-Wearing Pray for Paris obviously! I was gonna do something weird and more a ante garde here but I guess jalan beat me to it! I loved the out come at the bottom I have a tied bomber jacket around my waist, it’s actually a really nice one but I just don’t like wearing bomber jackets with all the colors it’s not because it’s really over done I just find it too easy. The jacket has all the details no need to put in any effort haha. So yeah that’s the combo thanks to pray for Paris for the awesome pharaoh tee. Like my necklace?  peace!

    (Source: durimel.com)