1. Jalan - For the love of Pineapple State - So today Jibril had this awesome Japanese look, and when we were about to leave to go shoot for this “fashion blog” I realized “damn it” I don’t have a look. So for the very few times and even maybe the first Jibril styled me and he did it rather quickly, and also for the First time I hope no one reads this! Haha. No really, it’s embarrassing, but I do love Hawaiian button up shirts so I went into his little groove of things. This time we went over to down town cause we are starting to get bored of that palm tree look on our pictures. Now this may sound corny but even between the tallest buildings in downtown you still get that sun bursting right through the lens and it makes me never forget how comfortable and fun LA can be, so with that said Il never regret having moved here! “Geez” I could never write a book, just that one line has me already contemplating on posting this, but whatever confidence is the key right?

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  2. Hey! Finishing up with Elahawke Vintage Before the y left a few weeks ago!

    Hey! Finishing up with Elahawke Vintage Before the y left a few weeks ago!

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  3. Jibril - Starburst - Oh, so colorful! All from the goodwill today, which I’m kind of proud of. I found all these colorful pieces the same day. So, the shirt is actually a women’s blouse. It has these puffy shoulders that almost made me not buy it, but then I found the blazer to cover it and hide the feminine “attributes” haha…I’m legitimately obsessed with the burst of colors on this shirt. It’s Juicy! Then my amazing hat to top it all off! 
    I really wanted to try a hat like this, also a bit feminine but it just looked like such a fun piece to play with. Thanks for reading. I’m a bit tired right now so, it’s not my best novel.

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  4. Jalan-No such thing!-Hello Guys! Geez…. I’m lost on knowing what to say. Can this be the end of my blogging life? “Noooo!”.
    I tried so hard to convince Jibril that I’m a size small but he refused to understand, until now ladies and gentlemen! I found this Hawaiian shirt the other day and as you all may not know (cause no one reads this… “lol”) I have a big spot in my heart for them. So this one, was a size small and I could finally show Jibril the beauty of a FITTED button down! I also got this hat at a thrift store but I wanted to wear it in a more upscale fashion style and I love how bright the yellow tone was to keep this formal look very fun and energetic.

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  5. Jalan and Charlotte as the perfect couple haha!

    Jalan and Charlotte as the perfect couple haha!