1. Jalan-Jeannie Bueller-After watching Ferris Bueller’s day off for the second time the challenge was on! Now, I know what your thinking: “this outfit doesn’t look anything like ferris”, and that’s cause surprisingly it wasn’t his outfit that caught my eyes but his sister Jeannie Bueller . From her patched cardigan to her sneakers with the scrunch socks. Now, although I didn’t get the same exact sneakers, to my opinion, I got even better and as soon as UPS came knocking with my Reebok Freestyles, I headed straight to the 99 cents store to get the white socks! Now, enough with my “shoegasm”, onto the rest of this look. I added the watches to make the look a bit playful -seeing that she was a high school student-and the pink one to break color. I absolutely love yellow mustard ; so, that’s the color I chose for the cardigan and added the back pack that I got at a market here in LA. And so, it was I must say, one of my favorite looks to put together!

    PS: These are women pants. If your looking for super slim pants, look in the women’s section at Goodwill. :)

    (Source: durimel.com)


  2. Jalan -High Burn-As Crazy and retarded as this may seem my look was inspired by a grizzly bear.”HAHA!” Heres a good tip, there is only one thing in this look that portrays the power and strength of the grizzly and that’s the fur coat. For a month now i’ve now iv’e been looking for a perfect fur coat although this isn’t the exact one i still tried to use it to my best ability by mixing it with very rough and territorial elements, which included the green and black flannel, the combat boots and the head wrap. I think this made my final outfit very strong,  intimidating and masculin. Sexy Huh? lol  


  3. Jibril - Do it for the Team - So i had to pull an outfit with this cheerleader sweater. I’ve seen them a few times at thrift stores, and saw so much potential in them. Don’t really know why. I just did. Well i’ll admit i did see this one girl wear it on lookbook.nu but never guy. Give me a break though, I’m trying to trend set! So i bundled up the outfit with modern pieces to give it more of a stylish look rather than a uniform/sport wear impression. Overall I really liked the way i used the sweater and the vibrance of the whole look. what do you think?


  4. Jibril - Larry King - So, this combo that i put together it’s a mix of former CNN’s talk show Larry King, and a 50’s door to door salesmen…the schemey types.Haha! I got the Ralph Lauren shirt from a friend who didn’t it and I don’t know why. But one man’s loss… is another man’s gain. I just really love the color and that little purple polo logo really makes it better. No? I got these over-sized dress pants(I’m skinny jeans all day, everyday! Haha.) at a thrift store and got inspired to roll them up, from this guy i met once and had done something similar. I love the really fisher/bulk look it gives. And as for the shoes they’re Cole Haan tassel loafers that I got on Etsy. I love the overall look and how old school it looked. Hope you feel me.

    (Source: durimel.com)