1. Jalan - Cathy’s Clown - The floral shorts were in my closet just waiting to be used. I was waiting to come across the perfect pieces. Then Jibril found the shoes at the Goodwill, and then I found the cream sweater: I was equipped with the perfect pieces to put this look together. I went for something really ‘Weekend in the Hamptons’. The shorts are actually women shorts. Putting on female pieces and bringing them into a masculin feel is one of my favorite things to do when styling!


  2. Jibril - Strawberry Swing - This combo had no particular inspiration actually. I just put a couple pieces together and came up with this, but the look evolved as the day passed by actually. We were visiting this little town in the North of California called Paso Robles, and we found a few really cool thrift stores. At first i had on grey skinnies, but then found the yellow pant at one of the stores for 3 dollars and i really loved how it boosted color on the overall look. I got the bag in Paso Robles too, being my first women’s bag. I hope i pulled it off well! I saw the bag in a boutique and was questioning why it was still there, I mean the bag is a genuine piece, if you ask me!


  3. Lookbookillust

    So there’s this super cool blog called Lookbookillust, where this girl draws some of her favorite outfit posts she finds on lookbook.nu. We’ve visited the blog a few times and visited the day before we woke up to an E-mail with this drawing of us. Big hugs and kisses to Kathryn Wilkins for this amazing drawing! Like her on Facebook 



  4. Jalan - First time at AAJalan - First time at AA - So this is a look I styled whilst at American Apparels’ Studio. All the pieces are from their brand. I was suited and booted, well loafered First thing I picked out, were the shorts. The cut and color was so perfect and neat, A classic dress short! I then put the outfit together based on the shorts. The shorts were not an extra, they were a must! The burgundy jacket came through perfectly for the overall color palette, and worked well with the whole outfit. My brother and I both decided to break color with the socks (color blocking). Now that’s American Apparel!