1. Landlord-  Thanks to our landlord Alicia for letting us shoot in the empty apartment upstairs from ours! We went in to see if we would switch apartments but left with something completely different in mind. What was once a thought is now here for your enjoyment! Hope you guys like it!


    Bottoms- Black shorts


    Shoes- Dr. Martens-Loafers


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  2. Nat x Hamptons Favorite Black  Boy


  3.  Jibril - Hamptons Favorite Black Boy -

    This is what i’d wear if I were invited to meet my girlfriends parents that would own a private Polo field and drove tan leather Aston Martins to get to the other side of their 8 bedroom guest house! ;)


    Sweater - American Apparel 

    Scarf - Similar

    Loafers - Cole Haan


  4. Jalan - NAT

    Hey guys this week has been super hectic and it’s not over yet! Literally have no time to write, running to school right now! Haha. Hope you guys have a good day! No seriously, not just writing that. Go out and find yourself a soulmate or a roommate, whichever you need most right now. Lol. PEACE!

    Wearing -

    Shorts - American Apparel

    Sun glasses - Electric

    Shirt - Short sleeve button up

    Leather Cap - American Apparel

    (Source: durimel.com)