1. Jibril - Lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you - This is hands down my favorite sweater i own. And guess how much i got for it……….Wait for it……Wait for it…uno…dos…tres. Three dollars!! I got this at a Goodwill for three dollars in the country side. I honestly don’t think they were selling it because i found it hung up high on their wall, and it wasn’t even reachable. I had to get some sort of stool to grab it and it didn’t even have a price tag on it, but the girl working their told me three dollars. When i find things this cheap and beautiful i swear it’s like getting them for free. So this is what i came up with for my christmas shoot i gave the sweater less of a “corny santa” feel and made it look more urban. I guess i’m an urban outfitter. Haha! :)

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