1. Jalan- Calvin Candie - Django Unchained has now become my favorite Tarantino movie because jibril and I are great fans of great dialogue films ; and who doesn’t love an old fashion western “SHOOT OUT”. But enough with the film critique. What really captured my attention was the set dressing. It was so clean and to perfection. But to be specific, it was really Calvin Candie’s outfit and persona that had my attention. This was the first time I had seen a slave owners outfit in Pure HD and the details were to die for. From the fitted vest to his clean hair cut I had to try my best to do a look that resembled Mr. Candie’s style. 
    So here it goes: My Blazer was thrifted for $7, shoes were borrowed from a friend and so was the vest, and here it was, my Django look was completed. And if you ask me I did a mighty fine job (Calvin Candie voice) haha! 
    PS: If you don’t know his voice go watch Django!

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