1. Jibril - Larry King - So, this combo that i put together it’s a mix of former CNN’s talk show Larry King, and a 50’s door to door salesmen…the schemey types.Haha! I got the Ralph Lauren shirt from a friend who didn’t it and I don’t know why. But one man’s loss… is another man’s gain. I just really love the color and that little purple polo logo really makes it better. No? I got these over-sized dress pants(I’m skinny jeans all day, everyday! Haha.) at a thrift store and got inspired to roll them up, from this guy i met once and had done something similar. I love the really fisher/bulk look it gives. And as for the shoes they’re Cole Haan tassel loafers that I got on Etsy. I love the overall look and how old school it looked. Hope you feel me.

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