1. Jibril - Jerry Good - Jerry Good is a friend of ours that wears these large framed readers like old folks do, and he tends to always wear a snapback. I really like that style of eyewear because it gives off such a different look facially. So, since I went old school up top. I guess the throwbacks decided to follow down south. Like my sweater?? I got this Coogi Cardigan a few weeks ago and was eager to wear it because one - I’ve been looking for one of these “thread print” colorful Coogi sweaters for a super duper long while, and two - I loved that I found it as a cardigan and not the original crew neck sweater, because I could then play with the middle area. As you see, I wore a deep red button up shirt to go super colorful although the sweater had done it’s job, and the gold medallion necklace, I made from a belt buckle. DIY!! Then I kept it a bit cool at the bottom with a pair of green shorts and my brother’s Sebagos. The End!

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