1. Jibril - The wind - I listen to the wind, to the wind of my soul. Cat Stevens’s music is so heart felt. It’s amazing. But enough with that, let’s talk about this combination of bohemian wear. So here i wore an oversized Navajo coat with wing tip penny loafers, and a cowboy. I liked the mix of the three. It gives this kind of gambler/native look. I was going to wear this other Navajo jacket at first that I did really like but it looked a bit too bulky. Which is weird because I usually love the bulky on top with slim pants at the bottom. But this coat was a friend of mines that we were shooting with that day and it turned out to balance out the overall outfit pretty well to my opinion. But now back to Cat Stevens. To understand my mood towards this out fit and the picture listen to The wind by Cat Stevens. Where I’ll end up where i’ll go only god really knows.

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