1. Jalan-Bad time Valentine- “Look at this shirt i found, it’s fringed” Jalan said!
    As his Jibril looked at him with a questioned face. That’s exactly what happened when i found this T-shirt. At first Jibril didn’t get what I liked with this shirt but then I put this look together and he finally understood! I added my brown jacket and favorite pork pie hat. I looked very biker-ish up top so I decided to cool my “bad-ass” down with the corduroy skinny pants and a flat finish with the grey and black laced moccasins. Made it look like the bad guy with some good in him. Just how the ladies like it ;). As for the name of this look, it basically started when I found this rose in someone’s garden and I ripped it off their bush and decided to have it be part of the look and valentines day was coming up and I thought why not release this on Valentines Day since I’m “valentineless” which would obviously end up as a bad time valentine, but you know we don’t even need to try. IT’S ALWAYS A GOOD TIME! Haha

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