1. Jalan-Rocket Power- This look was actually not inspired by Rockt Power at all it’s just that as the look came together, going up on the lifeguard cabin and seeing the santa monica pier with the rides just made me feel like auto from the cartoon show. I love hawaiian shirts but i’ve gotten very picky with them over time, to me theres two types: 

    1. The type that a tourist would pick up on his trip to hawaii which isn’t rather fashion based but used as a souvenir &… 

    2. The Hawaiian print shirt that the local grandparents have put together in a collection and when put in the right hands can be used to make an awesome fashion statement! 

    So for the rest of the look i added a few accessories but my favorite one is this random piece of thread that i picked up from a swap meet, i wasn’t sure what to do with it at first i was contemplating between a belt or a head wrap but then it found it’s self on my neck so that was its home for this look. By the way if you’ve read to this point of the post i would like to thank you seeing that i don’t know who actually reads these and if you’re are one of them that means a lot. Have a great day! *LOL*

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