1. Jalan - Balance 

    That Third St. Promenade in Santa Monica is full of tourists. And the locals, are little clean rich folks who go there to buy their son Tony a new video game for his Xbox, cause he’s already tired of the twenty he got for X-mas. But no worries, if you have a little brother like Tony, he’ll soon get bored of being spoon-fed and run off and look for an experience he can’t control. And when life gives him a good dose of what he didn’t expect, he’ll mature and tell his kids later in life “be careful what you wish for”. 
    Jalan is a Tony! My Dad used to visit us in Miami and say that he would send us to Africa for a week to get a taste of struggles because he felt that our Mom spoiled us. I THOUGHT HE WAS ANNOYING AND DIDN’T CARE. 
    Now, that I’ve grown, I did get my own struggles. It does help to open your eyes, so you can make a balance out of things because that’s the best thing someone will be able to do : Balance everything. Seriously, think about it. 
    Oh! I forgot this is a fashion blog. Well, my whole balancing theory comes out to me doing this look. I like to Balance between clean and dirty. So, that’s what I do with fashion. This one is obviously on the dirty side. 
    By the way, I saved 15% or more by switching my car insurance to Geico. JOKE NEVER GETS OLD (or maybe it’s me)!

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