1. Jibril - Dad sais he looks like bad news
    So today i felt above the law so i pulled together this Bad ass protester look. Se the flanel was cool but cutting the sleeves, half bleaching it, and throwing it in the washer machine boosted it’s confidence time 100! There’s nothing like a good DIY rigid shirt to certify that you’re not playing games at the next “Local strike”. I paired this look with my favorite boots in our closet, and then the black washed out skinny jeans that i’m getting tired of wearing, but they worked perfectly for this look. And to wrap it all up….what’s an un-patriotic rebel? Throw your flags up! This whole combo came out pretty well compared to what i had thought of in my head. Excluding a torch, gas mask, and picket sign. Just kidding. Let’s not push it.

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