1. Jibril - La Boheme – Charles Aznavour wrote this classic song known to any one who claims to be “Français”. This classic look was really inspired off of the Paris lifestyle I’d like to live if I go back. I could only live there during spring and summer though. Hence shorts and then knit sweater… Haha!.. One of the coolest yet kind of awkward Dining style in Paris is the Outdoors cafés. They’re extremely congested but so cool to sit back and socialize at. People drink, but not too much, people smoke, but too much. It’s Paris, they’re all about that Marlboro life. But yeah, here I put something rather simple yet colorful on. Something I’d wear to one of these Cafés in the spring. When going classic, to give the bold statement you want, I strongly recommend one colorful piece that’s silent but deadly. If you know what I mean! Now, click the link and vibe to La boheme… Ca voulais dire on est heureux…

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