1. Jalan-Do The D.A.N.C.E- Went to our homie Nick Ottaviano’s house the other day with no idea for an out fit, but if you can’t find a super color full and daring outfit at Nick’s house “I FEEL BAD FOR YOU SON”. If you don’t know Nick let me introduce you. Nick Ottaviano is a living cartoon character from his wicked personality, photography style and his fashion sense.Check out his blog fortune5000. Anyway’s enough about nick “haha”. As soon as i walked into his room i saw those headphones and all of a sudden i knew what kind of character i wanted to pull off. Have you ever seen Otto the bus driver from The Simpsons, he’s like this funky pot head guy. So once he hit’s that bong it’s nothing but good vibes and a color full character that seems to be in Disneyland on a school buss. So i got together Nick’s awesome green creepers, my pink jeans, and i was in a fresh episode right off the TV! Here’s a cool fashion Tip if you ever see a piece of clothing that has a color so bold that you have no idea what to do with and aren’t sure if your willing to pay so much money for one piece, always consider it for color blocking and little by little you can find pieces to match it and do something that matches a bit more.

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