1. Pocket Squrea X Durimel - Style as Rebellion

    Here is the first of many more collaborations we did with pocket square clothing - An amazing mens wear line focused in formal accessories  all sewn in the US. We met with the two gentlemen (Rodolfo Ramirez, and Andrew Cheung - owners of PSC) over the internet, after finding there jaw dropping pieces, and were so excited to do this collaborative shoot. There ties are like none other something daring that stands right out of the tie and pocket square market that sais classy, yet unique. WE LOVE POCKET SQUARE, and we’re not just saying that haha.

    Style as Rebellion - “How to break out. If you’re right handed, draw with your left hand. Determine the most sensible, practical thing to do, and then do the exact opposite. Pick a color at random. Force yourself to use the typeface you hate the most. Take on a problem that you’ve never faced before. Overturn the game board and make up new rules based on where the pieces fall.”

    -Michael Bierut


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