1. Jibril - This week has been a bad massage - I needed a new beginning and a new fitted. No, but seriously this week we’ve been packed with shoots upon shoots. Draining but fun! Anyways. So, here is a look that’s kind of something I’ve never done. I loved the overall look because of how “chic” it looks, but this outfit is something, I’d never wear to fashion week. 
    Here’s why: Fashion week does not mean fur coat. Don’t get me wrong going to fashion week is definitely “THE TIME” to stand out, but after looking through all various street style snaps that we’re taken at the previous fashion weeks (LFW, NYFW, PFW, etc) my hipster senses tingled! Too much fur coats, if you ask me. I think that the anxiety attacks people go through when looking for an outfit for FW, leads them to wear a fur coat saying hey! look I’m “bold”. Then you ain’t that bold because everyone resulted in the same style. Now, don’t get me wrong many of the outfits including a fur coat were stunning, and actually what this outfit was inspired off of. But at the end wear what you want because I’ve never been to Fashion week and if all I had was a fur coat to wear to a fashion week event I wouldn’t be damned.

    Outwear : Fur coat (haha)
    Necklace : Nasty gal spike necklace
    Shoes : New Oxford off white Dr.martens
    Pants - Women’s mint trousers from old navy - Thrifted

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