1. Jibril - But i’m not a Rapper - Looking like a legit 2 chainz. So, today my brother and I, were high on velvet. We’ve been finding a lot of these women velvet Tees around town and at first we would not buy them, but then we started seeing them in a whole new perspective.
    Velvet can definitely look very feminine but these tops have the exotic fabric and a very simple cut that we think can fit a man just as well, and actually even better. I just think that these T-shirts look really chic and high-fashion when worn on a man, rather then a women because a women is used to being seen in velvet clothing. So, I matched this look up with a pair of shorts that were originally regular fit jeans, and my high top Nike vandals. Toped off with a minimal jewelry DIY piece that I made from a pair of random keys. Spiked bracelet was sent to us by African charm. Get it here. she has it all!

    (Source: durimel.com)

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