1. Jalan - Sharing is caring- Hey guys so today I want to let you guys know about my belief in aliens, now i don’t want to sound all “NERDY” but yea we have visitors! I genuinely believe that the government is in contact with them but are holding back on sharing it with us because honestly it would cause chaos! With that said I loved my new five dollar shades and the reason I said that in past tense is because a few days after shooting this they fell out of my friends car while we were driving and i just herd “Politicians”! hah! For the rest of the outfit I kept it really black and old school gangster for our shoot with “The HOMIE D”! We had so much fun in these outfits,just cruising around LA and having lunch, we even got spotted by Face hunter for street style without even knowing who he was. I never forget how lucky we have been in our lives and always love to share my knowledge with the world because sharing is caring!

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