1. Jibril- Had i went to Coachella -So here i put together a look that i’d love to wear had we went to Coachalla. Putting this together was a bit of a challenge but later it all came together with the accessories. For the Uk people I got the hat at Rocket in Camden town for Five pounds! I was gonna pull out another neon hat but I was not that darring with my style as I am now so this one was a tester. I love how much color pop it gives to the look. Then the scarves and sunnies that helped boost the “creativity” - if I may ; of this look. I liked how it all came together. The T-shirt is the Martinique from a brand in LA called Apliiq they pretty much customize any piece of clothing for you aside from their stock pieces like the one i’m wearing. Thanks to Ethan L.(CEO of Apliiq) for the tee. Get it here. These Denim shorts were also sent to us from Melt’n pot, and we’re really loving them. I’m actually wearing them at the moment while i’m typing haha. They’re super comfortable and fit great. Get one here! All this was really fun but we did not go to Coachella so it was fun pretending. I guess. Haha! Next year, Next year!

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