1. Jalan-During my travels i’ve-Hello guys! So when I did this look I was gonna write about what I was wearing but instead I feel like this look perfectly describes traveling but the size of my bag seemed like a very short stay type which to me reflects our lives so far. So If you guys don’t know we were born in france, left when we were two to go to Guadeloupe a Caribbean island and then at four we headed over to miami and stayed their for ten years and then to the Caribbean island of St. Maarten for high school which was about five years, after school we headed over back to Paris and then Los Angeles. But during all this time we have had up’s and downs weather it was family based or anything financial. So During my Travels i’ve learned that everyone “EVERYWHERE” always seems to have missing factor to what they would consider being “happy” but as cliche as it sounds you just have to stop and think on whats in front of you  like literally. For example i’ve stopped in the middle if a grocery store and just observed how much quantity of foods were at my disposal and I just felt so thankful. When we lived in the Caribbean I was a bit unhappy but again I stopped and observed what was around me and I saw beautiful trees and friends that were loyal to me and I was content again. So basically it takes putting down the greed that we behold as humans to see that see that part of the happiness we search for is already in our lives. So all I can say is look up because no matter wear you are stars will apear at night like literally.lol. Oh I almost forgot thanks to American Apparel for these shorts, so comfortable! 

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