1. Jibril - January Hymm - Oh today today! Here is my adventurer look! My Australian safari look. I might go really bold and bizarre sometimes but there’s a very soft spot for classic fashion in my heart. There’s just some
    Thing about traditional dapperness, and looking like a “mans man”, though some might say I look a bit like a “fruit” in this outfit, but its the closest to manly men’s wear that I’ll get. Everyone has a feminine side! So here’s my new hat. Hat say hi. I went into This vintage store to buy a big black hat at first but then I found this one. I was so hesitant about buying it but then I went for it because I genuinely liked it….A lot! As for the sweater I was low on cash (end of the month brokness) but I couldn’t resist. The sweater looks pretty basic but I had an Agenda! I knew just what I wanted to do with this so with a little bit of insisting to Jalan it was mines for the taking. So this is what I wanted to do pretty much. Pair the sweater up with a tied bandana around the neck and to add a cool gardener style hat to give off an adventurer/ Indiana Jones feel and that’s the wrap up of I must say one of my favorite outfits. Lol. Hope you like it. 

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