1. Jalan-Flirting Disabilities-Ooooww how you like me now! Lol. I got this Star Trek looking shirt for a dollar and I love the color, it does have a tiny hole in it but nothing major shhh! I then roped it if with my blazer I had got since prom and if you guys don’t know Jibril and I won Prom King together. It was crazy how “turnt” we got, haha. To give it even more class I had to use my Versace wannabe necklace and it was like boom! We went to eat at this really cool pizza place in Abbot Kenny it was so good and for the first time I told a girl that u found her really pretty! I just had to, she had amazing caramel colored skin and hair she was a “Bute” and I had to man up and do it because if the looks weren’t convincing enough let me tell you this, she had a British accent! YUP, the full package. Well that’s it guys and like always hope you got inspired and enjoyed, bye!

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