1. Jalan -TMNT - I had came to a conclusion that yellow was really “not my color” which I hated being content with because yellow is such a loud color that can be so well used for bold fashion, until one day I saw a picture of the Ninja Turtles on my Tumblr feed, where they covered their yellows with a nice green. So luckily for me I had just received a package from American Apparel and it came with this green rain coat that had the perfect green I would need to be a “fashionable Ninja Turtle”! Now for the location this is actually a house that is being built in my neighborhood and when I saw it I was blown away, maybe it’s just me but that light brown tone was so subtle but vibrant at the same time. I’ve actually decided that when I get to design my own house one day I would love for the insides be covered with an unfinished plywood look like this and yeah I know that sounds mad childish, like I’m playing with dolls or something but come on can’t this little black boy have ambitions! So today’s moral of the day is to always see how cartoons can inspire new color combinations, maybe not clothing cuts but definitely colors! Have a good day peeps (peeps: my imaginary way of saying peeps since I was small that I can’t get out of my mind), bye!


    Green rain coat- American Apparel

    Yellow shorts- American Apparel 

    (Source: durimel.com)

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