1. Jalan-They call me not so smart Jalan-When you dig through you’re friends closet and you find a matching colored pants and blazer, you have to hit them with the “I’m taking this to do a look on my blog” line, and that’s exactly what I did. After seeing the Paul Smith s/s 2013 runway I could not get a colored suit out of my head. Now I don’t think I’ve ever written about it but yeah, I’m a true believer of the law of attraction, which means if you think of something you want to occur strong enough and knock out all other possibilities you will attract whatever you want most in life. It’s harder than it seems but point being is that I believe that this some what “suit” came to me because of how much thought I put into it! But that’s just what I believe, have a great day or night where every you’re reading this from. 

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