1. Jalan-Santa Monica For Example-Hey guys whats up! So as you can see from the pictures, we caught a “not so sunny day in California”. I don’t know if I’ve written about this but yeah, we’re really picky about our shooting locations, so you can imagine that Santa Monica did not look like this when we started shooting. We actually shot Jibril first and you can see how it went from “sweet sunny Cali” to “I hate my life London” in matters of minutes! Well anyways we saw the fog coming in and I thought damn lets take one of those cliche LA pics and it turned out great in my opinion. So yeah, sorry, I always get caught up with other things when writing, just like in real life, I talk a lot! So yeah here I’m wearing my new favorite sweatpants from American Appare, with a duchesse paris shirt and a women’s Banana Republic blazer that I lent from my friend “NINA B”! So that’s about it guys hope you had a fun 4th of July weekend. Have a great day reader!


    T- shirt - Duchesse Paris

    Sweatpants - American Apparel 

    Blazer - Banana Republic

    (Source: durimel.Com)

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