1. Jalan-Takasuhigashi-Last time I wore a velvet shirt it was really Egyptian so this time I went super japanese fisherman style. I love the beautiful dark tones that velvet gives off, it looks so chic and rich. The sandals are actually Jibril’s but he said that I pulled them off so well he could not let me do it any other way. I have to admit I really surprised myself on this one. There has been so many times now that I’ve ran into the closet and tried on the most random pieces of Clothing and came out with great looks, So I really advise men and women to forget they’re style inspiration for just a minute and play around with pieces they never imagined wearing out in public. Now be sure that doing this may lead to heavy wardrobe malfunctions but maybe and just maybe you will find that one outfit that will change your view on all your so called “junk”!

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