1. Jalan-Jump Rope- How did I end up looking like the only black coffee dealer in columbia? I have no idea! lol. So yeah guys we just got back to school last week and we have to say this was “one of” if not “the” most productive summer we’ve ever had. From reevaluating our site, to photo shoots and also meeting great people, we’ve made great use of the two months and hope to bring you guys what we call the”boom shaka laka boom”. LOOL Jibril’s gonna look at me funny when he reads this. Speaking of people we were lucky to meet the guys at Zanerobe (Chris, Dan, and Jet Ski) who have been so cool with us since we’ve met. They then asked us to kick off their “Bloggers We Love“ campaign and after checking out the product it was an instant YES!


    Burgundy Pants: ZaneRobe

    Oversized brown T-shirt: American Apparel 

    Rope bracelet -  Hearts

    (Source: durimel.com)

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