1. Alice’s Duty - Believe it or not we shot this in sunny Los Angeles. The weather was a little gloomy that day but still nothing close to a typical day in Stratford London. The result we got from this shoot was amazing and we think it’s one our best so far. It’s always a bit scary to shoot on a gloomy day here because you’re not sure what the result will be when you’re so used to being spoiled by the sunny, empty skies, but that too can get get boring and repetitive. Jalan’s look is a mix of vintage and contemporary menswear. A school boy went runway… kinda haha! As for me (Jibril) I’m getting kind of over the sock to “Pop” look but I liked how it came out here. The socks played off perfectly with the polo, but still a dark look with the bottoms so that was a cool coordination playing off of Jalan’s vibrant colors.



    Boat shoes - Black Brogue

    Yellow Polo - Flat-hat

    Jalan Sunglasses

    Jibril Sunglasses

    American Apparel bottoms-

    Shorts -Pants

    (Source: durimel.com)

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