1. Hall - Luckily we didn’t get kicked out when shooting this. Last week we headed to downtown to shoot for the blog as usual. We planned to shoot an in the streets, “lifestyle” post but stumbled upon the Los Angeles City Hall. When we got to where these pictures were taken we were just waiting for some security guy to come tell us, “yeah you guys can’t take pictures here,” but nothing. So we went on shooting like G’s! Haha.

    We used the sun to our benefit here and tried to capture the wide area oh the corridor. It’s weird…when editing the photos we seemed almost miniature as if we had been shrunk, especially on the last picture if you take another look I think you’ll really understand. 

    Wearing :

    Turquoise sweater 


    Dr. Marten Adrians other link HERE

    Red and Navy blue bag

    Comment here

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