1. Durimel x Shand and Slouch-Hello peeps! It’s been a while since we’ve posted now, well not too long ago but yeah, you get it. So we want to give a big NO THANKS to the security guard that tried to kick us out of the train station during our shoot and a big THANKS to the guys at  Shade and Slouch for the amazing hats! We found them a few months ago and waited no longer to ask if they’d be up for a collaboration. They said yes but not only would they send us hats they actually let us customize our own! We were so happy I think we might have done a little dance haha! So I (Jalan), have been looking for a mustard felt hat for a while now so I asked if i could have their original Ashley Bowler in a nice vibrant mustard, Jibril really liked their alexander fedora so he decided to go with that  in a strong Teal color, and they made it happen. The hats arrived in great condition so next step was our job! We headed over to the Culver city metro station here in LA and created this! Let us know your thoughts and thanks for your visit. Peace!

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    Both hats by- Shade and Slouch

    White button up- American Apparel

    Two toned shorts- American Apparel

    Blue sweater- ZaneRobe

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