1. Yardy-It’s getting a bit cold in LA right now so to make things a bit clearer/realistic we’ll be honest. We didn’t shoot this recently, and yeah the city is getting irritatingly chilly. The native New Yorker would love this Los Angeles winter but we’re in that “you never know what you got till’ its gone ” kind of mood so we’re just gonna be a bit ungrateful about our sunny, clear skies. But anyways let’s talk about the outfits! So today’s post was really based on bold details and earthy tones. I’ll throw this out and say that Jalan’s(twin in the striped tee) look is personally one of my all time favorites. And when I say that, I mean in the entire fashion industry. I really love how he layered the dress shirt with the striped Tee. As for my look in the plaid shorts I can’t exactly compliment myself but yeah I kind of really like those plaid shorts and wanted to use them in a sort of relaxed “on the go” look and I think I did just that. Hope you like what we came up with. Christmas is getting close but it kind of sucks now that we don’t live with our parents anymore. No more gifts and shit.


    Shoes - Both Dr. Martens

    Navy Cardigan

    Green Tanktop

    Black Sunglasses

    Large Striped Tee

    Brown Leather Backpack

    Let us know your thoughts HERE

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