1. Chelsea Bravo x Durimel- It’s even cooler that she sewed them herself! Today we collaborated with up-and-coming designer Chelsea Bravo featuring her 2013 Dysfunction collection. The collection was inspired by dysfunctional emotion and traditional African dress. We think the concept was properly achieved but there’s also an interesting mix of fabrics that gives a cool modern-tech look to the garments so we decided to further the electronic look and shoot two subtly futuristic outfits. The outfits are really coordinated and we don’t usually do that but hey! Sometimes it’s cool to be the “cute twins”. Thanks for keeping up with us.

    The year is almost over so we hope to end it off well with maybe one last post so stay tuned with us. Merry Christmas to you all and if you’re not into christmas well happy whatever-else-you’re-celebrating”. Is that ignorant? 

    But yeah, be sure to check out more of Chelsea Bravo’s Dysfunction collection and keep up with the label. So this time you’ll be able to say you knew about it first.

    Jalan and Jibril Durimel

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    Knit sweater as scarf

    spectre sunglasses

    White slip on loafers 

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