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    Photos reviewed by - James Mollison 

    Scrolling #3 - 16 Children And Their Bedrooms - James mollison - Today we review James Mollison’s photo-set covering 16 different children and their bedrooms. While Mollison’s topic wasn’t focused on sartorial culture we found it interesting how “fashion” forward the project came out. We loved the composition of the photos and even there bedrooms were amazing. Ideas for look-book locations came to mind. Let us know your thoughts can you see it too? 

    Ps: We even found the scouts kid from “Up” in real life! :p

    - Jalan and Jibril Durimel

    Covering - 

    James Mollison

    Up - Disney Pixar


    Celine - FW13

    Opening Ceremony “Her” collection

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    (Source: Durimel.com)

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