1. Guillermo Andrade - Part 5 - OZWALD BOATENG X Durimel

    Guillermo is the only guy that can wear Nike Airforce ones in two different outfits and give them a whole new vibe. Don’t try this at home, the chances of you pulling-off a tacky outfit are highly capable. As we said in the beginning only Guillermo. He also owns The 424 on Fairfax and has a massive influence on the international street-style scene. Definitely a big part of the menswear scene in LA.

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  2. Justin Barco - PART 4 - Ozwald Boateng X Durimel

    Don’t know if you guys know this but a lot of models are way too overrated when it comes to style. Just check out their instagrams. The point is we met Justin (a model) at a party and he was still well put together. We started talking and quickly understood he wasn’t just in the industry to stand and look pretty. This kid has cool concepts and wants to involve himself way more than just a model.

    We met up with Justin at his studio on Melrose and the plan was to go outside to look for a location, but Jibril shot one picture inside his office and that was it! 

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  3. John Kolic - Part 3 - OZWALD BOATENG X Durimel

    John is another friend of ours here in LA that has great personal style. Not sure if you notice but he’s really tall and that’s what always looks so interesting about his looks. He’s like a fashionable Avatar. Haha. But, yeah we love how he combined the blues and blacks wearing a head to toe Mattison here and with the leafy background we think we got a great photoset. Let us know your thoughts. Thanks John!

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  4. Donovan Briggs - PART 2 - Ozwald Boateng X Durimel

    This is our good friend Donovan. Not to be cocky but Donovan and his brother Rome Castile were the first people we met in LA that made us feel like we weren’t the best dressed in the room, and for that he definitely is someone we consider to represent menswear in LA.

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  5. Bradley Soileau - PART 1 - Ozwald Boateng X Durimel  

    We were asked to shoot Los Angeles menswear culture and we think Bradley represents just that. Not cause of the tats! It’s always cool to run into Bradley and see how effortless yet cool his look is. What stuck with us the most from this shoot was how unplanned it was. No location planned, no outfit coordinated. We ran Into some water bottles at the back of a building and loved the contrast between the whites and blues. Yeah, I think we got something goin’ on! What do you think?

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