1. Scrolling #3- Levi’s Red- We Just found out about Levi’s Red which is a more fashion forward sub brand of Levi’s. The sub label stays classic with the denim and color tones but reaches out to the more daring Levi’s fan. Seeing that we’re leaning more towards relaxed comfort fits this definitely caught our eye! 

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    Photos reviewed by - James Mollison 

    Scrolling #3 - 16 Children And Their Bedrooms - James mollison - Today we review James Mollison’s photo-set covering 16 different children and their bedrooms. While Mollison’s topic wasn’t focused on sartorial culture we found it interesting how “fashion” forward the project came out. We loved the composition of the photos and even there bedrooms were amazing. Ideas for look-book locations came to mind. Let us know your thoughts can you see it too? 

    Ps: We even found the scouts kid from “Up” in real life! :p

    - Jalan and Jibril Durimel

    Covering - 

    James Mollison

    Up - Disney Pixar


    Celine - FW13

    Opening Ceremony “Her” collection

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    Scrolling #2 - We see some sort of trend on the rise. So before Zara knocks them off and  officially declares it we decided to speak on this painted style bag thread we’ve noticed from 3 popular fashion houses releasing this year. Burberry Prorsum is ultimately “the bomb diggity” with hand painted bowler bags, Chanel played off of our trashy high-school backpack, and Givenchy was just alright to our opinion. They did the painting thing as well so it caught our eye. Hope you guys enjoy/enjoyed it. Let us know your thoughts! 


    Burberry Prorsum accessories FW/14

    Givenchy Accessories Pre FW/14  

    Chanel Accessories - SS/14



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    Scrolling #1- Hope it’s not Awkward just hearing our voices in the background. ;)So in our first Scrolling post we’re reviewing some of our favorite shows and some personal thoughts on New York fashion week (FW 14/15). The Row was definitely one of our favorites. They presented really large silhouettes as we’ve seen from them in the past but what really caught our eye was the extra thick knits they showcased.

    Ps: Roksanda Ilnic didn’t actually present at New York fashion week so shame on us. We’re hearing your “Boos’!”at the moment, but you can’t deny that it was a stunning presentation.