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35+ 1111 Tattoo Ideas That Will Add Purpose to Your Life!

by Sherri Owens

From minimalistic designs to abstract ideas, there are many different 1111 tattoos for you to choose from!

Over the last few years, I have had an increasing number of clients come in asking for angel numbers. Of these, I have found 1111 to be the most popular request. And, it is always a pleasure to hear about the many magical experiences that my clients have had with this series of numbers.

In this post, I will share the top 1111 tattoo ideas for you to consider when getting your own tattoo. I have also included the significance of these designs.

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The Best 1111 Tattoo Designs

Here are the top 1111 tattoo design ideas for you to choose from:

Minimalistic 1111 Tattoos

Do you prefer minimalistic tattoos? If so, then simply getting the number 1111 inked on your body should do the trick!

1111 Minimalist Arm Tattoo

Image by @celestial.tattooist via Instagram

Although this is a pretty typical tattoo, there is one way that you can make it your own. This, of course, is by choosing a font that is in line with the kind of concept that you have for your tattoo.

Simple 1111 Arm Tattoo

Image by @aleksandra_wasilewska_ via Instagram

There are so many options for you to choose from - comical font, mystical font, etc. If you are truly committed to a minimalistic style, then you can stick to four vertical lines.

1111 Vertical Wrist Tattoo

Image by @spokodziara via Instagram

Or, you can add a little bit of flair to take things up a notch. This tattoo done in the style of calligraphy can make for a simple yet elegant font tattoo.

It is a good idea to try a few different options before you settle on one design.

Small 1111 Arm Tattoo

Image by @pollytatttoo via Instagram

Most of these minimalist tattoo ideas only use black ink. If you would like to add a bit more color into your tattoo, though, you may want to consider red ink. Not only is this a vibrant shade but some cultures also consider red ink to signify good luck.

Eleven Eleven Tattoos

While you may like the concept of 1111, the number tattoo may seem a bit too mainstream for you. In this case, you can consider getting a word tattoo instead!

This kind of 1111 tattoo works well if you would like a larger tattoo or if you would like to put your own spin on the design.

Word Eleven Eleven in Opposite Direction Arm Tattoo

Image by @pookypokes via Instagram

Now, with a word tattoo, you once again need to think about the font. Do you want to do something simple or do you prefer a slightly more dramatic take?

Eleven Eleven Reflection Arm Tattoo

Image by @brandonkirkeby via Instagram

Another thing that you may want to consider is the orientation of the tattoo - how the two words will be placed. You can get them side by side, in a vertical fashion, or even get a matching tattoo with someone else.

Heart Shape Eleven Eleven Upper Back Tattoo

Image by @russellkills via Instagram

I really like this concept here - this tattoo features a word and the number. However, when they are put together, you still get 1111.

Number 11 in Cursive Eleven Wrist Tattoo

Image by @the_design_tank via Instagram

For this tattoo, the tattoo artist incorporated the eleven eleven in an infinity sign. Not only does this make for a stunning work of art, but it also provides more meaning to a beautiful tattoo.

As you are probably aware, the infinity symbol signifies forever or an unending amount of time. Therefore, when combined with your 1111 tattoo, it could signify new beginnings or good luck for the rest of your life.

Eleven Eleven in Infinity Sign Wrist Tattoo

Image by @jessicachait11 via Instagram

Angel 1111 Tattoos

Considering that 1111 tattoos are based on angel numbers, it makes sense to get an angel-themed tattoo. So, what would this kind of 1111 tattoo look like?

Well, there are a few different tattoo ideas for you to consider here.

Fine Line Angel 1111 Wrist Tattoo

Image by @victoriarose.tattoo via Instagram

If you want, you can get a simple set of angel wings, with the number 1111 inscribed in between. If you want a truly stunning tattoo, then you can consider an intricate set of wings.

Angel Wings 1111 Back Tattoo

Image by @skinktattoos via Instagram

If you would like a beautiful message attached to your 1111 tattoo, then you can think about the term angel energy added to your design. This is a great way to put your tattoo into proper context.

Angel Phrase in 1111 with Sparkles Arm Tattoo

Image by @hozennah via Instagram

At the same time, it can also be helpful to remind you that angels are watching over you or that your life already has a path - you simply need to keep moving forward.

Butterfly 1111 Tattoos

I think that this is quite a lovely tattoo. For one thing, butterflies are beautiful and delicate creatures and this really sets the tone for your tattoo design.

Flying Butterflies with 1111 Hand Tattoo

Image by @mnsantanatattoo via Instagram

At the same time, butterflies carry a meaning of their own and can really add to the significance of your tattoo.

Red Mariposa Butterfly and 1111 Arm Tattoo

Image by @carcosatattoos via Instagram

Butterflies can be associated with transformation. This is because they start off as caterpillars but after being cocooned in a chrysalis, they become a lovely winged creature.

1111 Half Butterfly and Flowers Tattoo

Image by @nicolagradycoldiron via Instagram

These creatures can also be associated with freedom as they have the ability to fly away and sometimes cross a great distance.

Shining Butterfly, Flower, and Moon with 1111 Back Tattoo

Image by @sophieviolettattoo via Instagram

Outline Butterfly Roaming Around with Stars and 1111 Back Tattoo

Image by @laraskillz via Instagram

Time 11:11 Tattoos

As you may be aware, many people consider 11:11 to be a lucky time of the day. It is believed that if you make a wish at this precise moment it will come true.

Even if you don't necessarily believe this concept, getting time-based 11:11 tattoo designs can be a great way to remind you of the wishes or dreams that you hold dearest to your heart.

Red 1111 Basic Tattoo

Image by @kathrynrose_tattoo via Instagram

In turn, this may help you to remind yourself to work on your dreams or to simply never give up. Or, if nothing else, it can be a positive tattoo for you to have.

Now, there can be two ways for you to make this kind of tattoo work - you can ask your tattoo artist for a digital or analog version.

Tiny 1111 Basic Tattoo

Image by @mari__tattoos via Instagram

Analog Watch 11:11 Tattoos

Do you want a beautiful and complex tattoo? If so, then you may want to have an analog watch inked on your body. This is a very classic approach to the 11:11 tattoo idea.

Vintage Clock 1111 Arm Tattoo

Image by @bangorangdayton via Instagram

If you want an elegant approach but want your tattoo to be fairly small, then you can just get a watch face or a pocket watch inked on you. The key here is to pay attention to detail so that you get a more realistic-looking tattoo.

Heart 1111 Clock with Beads Wrist Tattoo

Image by @christhayer via Instagram

If you don't mind going all out with your tattoo, then you can even add another watch face into the mix. You can also add plenty of other details. This can include flowers, symbols, and anything else that you like.

For this kind of tattoo, you will need to show the time in analog format. This means that the big hand should be on 11 and the small hand should be just past 2.

1111 Clock with Blue Eyes and Red Flower Head Arm Tattoo

Image by @b_tattoo.art666 via Instagram

Roses and 1111 Clock Shoulder Tattoo

Image by @brandnewtattoo via Instagram

Keep in mind that this kind of tattoo features a great deal of detail. Due to this, you are likely going to need to go to a tattoo artist who is capable of such work.

Digital Watch 11:11 Tattoos

If you would like a simpler tattoo or one with a more modern take, then consider taking the digital watch approach.

Digital Time 1111 Wrist Tattoo

Image by @the_highlight_hoarder via Instagram

In case you want to keep the tattoo as minimalistic as possible, then you should consider the numbers outline by a frame that will depict the screen of the clock. Just remember to use the stencil font to mimic the numbers that you typically find with such clocks or watches.

Single Line Angle Wing with 1111 Arm Tattoo

Image by @backbenchertattoostudio via Instagram

Of course, if you want a more complex or intricate tattoo, then you should draw the digital watch or clock.

Drawing Digital Watch with Red 1111 Upper Arm Tattoo

Image by @emydblog via Instagram

Digital Clock Numbers Showing 1111 Arm Tattoo

Image by @inker_land via Instagram

Star 1111 Tattoos

Would you like to add a bit of sparkle to your 1111 tattoo? If so, adding stars to the tattoo is a great way to do this!

Three Stars with 1111 Arm Tattoo

Image by @may_ink_tattoos via Instagram

Not only do stars help to spice up the tattoo, but it is also a good way of showing that 1111 has a bit of magic to you. In fact, these stars are a good way to remind you of the fact too!

Vertical 1111 with Stars Wrist Tattoo

Image by @adventure_tattoo_ahmedabad via Instagram

You can work with your tattoo artist to determine what kind of stars you want to use here. You can include ones with a bit more detail or you can add the ones that look like twinkles in the sky.

Minimalist 1111 and Stars Arm Tattoo

Image by @loekattatt via Instagram

Ornamental 1111 Tattoos

This is a great tattoo concept to consider if you would like a bit more of a decorative 1111 tattoo. Here, you use various repeating shapes and designs to create an ornamental pattern, alongside your 1111 design.

Decorative 1111 Tattoo

Image by @melodystattoos via Instagram

One of the cool things about this kind of tattoo is that it is quite easy to make it your own with the help of your tattoo artist. All you have to do is figure out which design elements you want to include. Then, you can choose a pattern that is all your own with the greatest of ease.

You can also make this tattoo as small or as large as you like, depending on where you want it to go.

Decorative Reverse 1111 Chest Tattoo

Image by @pauladrija via Instagram

Creative 1111 Tattoos

Are you looking for an 1111 tattoo that is completely outside the box? Well, then this is the category to show to your tattoo artist. This is a great option for you if you don't want any particular rhyme or reason added to your tattoo.

Lines and Shapes 1111 Arm Tattoo

Image by @erretattooart via Instagram

And, weirdly enough, this concept goes well with your 1111 tattoo. This is because 1111 can signify how you have to look for meaning in the chaos. Or, it can be a depiction of how life can be random yet meaningful all at once.

Heart Wired 1111 Arm Tattoo

Image by @ktj.ink via Instagram

From random designs to abstract art, there are plenty of concepts to use for this kind of tattoo.

A Person Fading Away with Red 1111 Tattoo

Image by @gaelcleinow via Instagram

Stylish 1111 Rib Tattoo

Image by @pravdastudiospa via Instagram

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Does 1111 Mean on a Tattoo?

1111, also written as 11 11 or 11:11 is sometimes identified as an angel number. Angel numbers are three or four repeating number sequences. Some people believe that these numbers have specific significance.

For instance, 1111 can indicate new beginnings. This could mean that you are about to embark on a spiritual awakening or to assure you that you are on the right path at this moment in time.

This tattoo can also symbolize good luck, especially when it comes to circumstances in the present moment.

An 1111 tattoo can also be a source of comfort to some people. These numbers may help people through grief, when they are feeling uncertain about a decision, or if they are hesitant about making certain plans.

The 1111 tattoo can help you to feel as though you are on the right path or at the right point of your spiritual awakening.

There are also those that believe that angel numbers - and 1111 - are linked to guardian angels. So, getting 1111 inked on you can be a way of reminding yourself that your guardian angel is always near.

The 11:11 tattoo can have a slightly different meaning. Some people believe that this is a lucky time of the day. So, if you make a wish at 11:11 they believe that it will come true.

In this instance, your 11:11 tattoo could symbolize all the wishes that you have for yourself as well as your loved one.

2. Is 1111 a Good Tattoo?

Well, this is a decision that only you can make! However, if you are a numerology enthusiast or someone who believes in fates or symbols, this can be a good tattoo for you to get.

You may also be comforted by the fact that you are in good company - Jennifer Aniston's ink contains these numbers too! However, no one is entirely sure what this Jennifer Aniston tattoo means.

3. Where Do You Put an 1111 Tattoo?

The placement of your 1111 depends on the size of the tattoo as well as how obvious you want it to be. However, this is a tattoo concept that works anywhere - ring finger, middle finger, two separate fingers, wrist (like Jennifer Aniston), upper arm, behind the ear, thigh, etc.

There are so many 1111 tattoo concepts for you to consider. From simple ones to mystical designs, you are spoilt for choice. All you have to determine is which design feels right for you and your spiritual needs. Or, you can use the designs that I have shared with you here to come up with a completely customized pattern for yourself!

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