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55+ Rose Gold Ombre Glitter Nails to Glam You Up!

From traditional ombre to reverse ombre, there are many rose gold glitter nail designs to choose from. You can blame my obsession with rose gold on the fact that I am a Millennial. Luckily, plenty of my clients come from the same generation and they love getting creative with their rose gold ombre glitter nails. […]

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80+ Pink and Purple Nails To Have You Basking In Compliments

When I saw a lady slay in a stunning pink and purple outfit, the thought of combining the two colors on nails came to mind and I've never done a more satisfying nail polish combo. I did a pink purple swirl design and it had a charming and seductive appearance. Pink and purple glitter nails […]

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56 Stunning Brown Nails For Every Season

Am I the only one that has been noticing the burst of brown nails on all my social media platforms? Not that I'm complaining because wow. Gone are the days when I thought brown nails could only be rocked during fall. I've seen amazing brown nail ideas for winter, spring, and even summer. Nude and […]

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40+ Exotic Neon Green Nails that Look Amazingly Fashionable

Neon green is the perfect shade if you enjoy making a statement with funky colors. These nails look great by themselves and also when combined with other polish. Neon green nails with nude are a smart look for all and are amazing for any setting. On a personal note, I am a huge nail art […]

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75+ Birthday Nail Ideas to Celebrate Your Big Day!

From sprinkles and cakes to full on glam, there are dozens of birthday nail ideas that you can choose to celebrate your birthday. As a nail technician, I have styled more birthday nails than I can count. So, I know exactly what creative birthday designs to show you. Here is an excellent collection of birthday […]

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50 Stunning Prom Nail Ideas To Look Ravishing For Prom

Prom was a really big deal for me in high school. My friends were voted prom king and queen and I didn't want to be the ugly duckling that hung out with the cool kids. So I decided to slay. From the dress to the nails, everything had to look stunning. I went for extra […]

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35+ Colorful Cotton Candy Nail Designs To Rock This Season

Cotton candy nails are full of gorgeous tones and textures. They have a fun and friendly vibe. You don't have to go the extra mile for a beautiful nail look with candy nails. All you have to do is mix bright colors either by adding swirls, Frenchies, or accent nails for a lovely cotton candy […]

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40+ Irresistible Black Glitter Nails For You This Season

Welcome to the world of classic nails! if you are looking for a way to spice up your black nails, we'll show you just how. Black nails are beautiful and easy to style. It looks especially awesome when styled with gold or silver glitter, regardless of the shape and length. Black glitter nails are my […]

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50 Refreshing Mint Green Nails for this Season

Mint green nails are the best choice if you plan on refreshing your mani. In case you are looking for cool, unique nails, mint green is a popular color for the season. There are many variations in the styles that you can choose from for your mint green nail art. My personal favorite has to […]

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52 Pink And Green Nails To Help You Stand Out

Pink and green are two amazing colors that look so good when paired, especially on nail art designs. I get a lot of concerns from people about pairing neon green nails with hot pink, but after a little convincing, they end up loving the outcome. Not a fan of bright colors? Then pastel pink with […]

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