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Nautical Star Tattoo Meaning With 40+ Gorgeous Designs to Help You Shine
A nautical star tattoo is a good luck symbol. It is also a symbol of protection and guidance. It's a really popular tattoo design among members of the marine corps. Most marine corps who get the nautical star tattoos opt for the minimalistic tattoo because it doesn't draw much attention. Those who l...
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Fern Tattoo Meaning With 60 Gorgeous Tattoo Images for Inspiration
Whenever you spot a leaf tattoo that is simple yet eye-catching, chances are, it is a fern tattoo. The fern tattoo represents resilience, growth, and determination. In my opinion, the colorful and realistic fern tattoos are the best you can get (I know tons of people who would beg to differ on this ...
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40 Butterfly Tattoos Behind the Ear That Will Make Your Heart Fly
From minimalistic, behind the ear tattoo ideas to tattoos with phrases, there are many ways you can make this tattoo design work for you. Call me sentimental, but I have always loved designing butterflies for tattoos. This is such a classic design with a beautiful meaning. While it is a little chall...
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The Double Triangle Tattoo Meaning and 32 Designs to Shape Your Idea
The double triangle tattoo can define gender roles, represent balance, depict opposing forces, religious faith, and more! Geometric patterns have become increasingly popular among clients and while most of them don't have a meaning, a few clients informed me that the double triangle tattoo does. So,...
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80+ Pink and Purple Nails To Have You Basking In Compliments
When I saw a lady slay in a stunning pink and purple outfit, the thought of combining the two colors on nails came to mind and I've never done a more satisfying nail polish combo. I did a pink purple swirl design and it had a charming and seductive appearance. Pink and purple glitter nails […...
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56 Stunning Brown Nails For Every Season
Am I the only one that has been noticing the burst of brown nails on all my social media platforms? Not that I'm complaining because wow. Gone are the days when I thought brown nails could only be rocked during fall. I've seen amazing brown nail ideas for winter, spring, and even summer. Nude and [&...
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40+ Exotic Neon Green Nails that Look Amazingly Fashionable
Neon green is the perfect shade if you enjoy making a statement with funky colors. These nails look great by themselves and also when combined with other polish. Neon green nails with nude are a smart look for all and are amazing for any setting. On a personal note, I am a huge nail art […]...
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75+ Birthday Nail Ideas to Celebrate Your Big Day!
From sprinkles and cakes to full on glam, there are dozens of birthday nail ideas that you can choose to celebrate your birthday. As a nail technician, I have styled more birthday nails than I can count. So, I know exactly what creative birthday designs to show you. Here is an excellent collection o...
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45+ Sassy Haircuts For Bold and Stylish Ladies
Stepping into a room looking like you own it requires more than just self-confidence. That confidence has to be backed up by a sassy haircut. The best haircut to match that confident persona is short hair with slight waves. Short hair has a way of adding an edgy aura to your look to give just [&hell...
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How Long to Leave Toner in Hair For The Perfect Result
To get the best results from a toner, you should leave it in for 10-45 minutes, depending on your hair type. I let my toner sit in my hair for a maximum of 15 minutes since I've got light blonde hair. But if you've got darker hair, you should let your toner sit in for […]...
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What Does Purple Shampoo Do To Brown Hair? How To Get The Best Result
Purple shampoo works to remove brassy tones from brown hair in the same way it works on blonde hair. It helps to remove yellow and orange tones in your hair, leaving you with shiny, and uniform color-treated strands. I've used purple shampoo on my brown hair to help lighten some slight yellow undert...
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100+ Dyed Bangs And Colored Fringe Hairstyles
All hail to TikTok and Instagram for putting dyed bangs and colored fringe hairstyles in the spotlight. The popularity of the hair trend made me dye my bangs blonde, and after that, I was obsessed. I've spotted purple, pink, and orange colored bangs, which contrasted nicely with my brunette base. My...
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