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50+ Wrist Tattoos for Men You Have to See!
Finding designs for wrist tattoos for men can be tricky as this location is still gaining traction among men. However, from names to important symbols, there is plenty of choice for you. As an artist, I have had the chance to design my share of male wrist tattoos so I know which designs will work. [...
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110 Sleeve Tattoos for Men to Kickstart Your Imagination
From tribal and religious to music and animals, there are plenty of sleeve tattoos for men to choose from. This is why I am here to help you out. As an artist, I have spent a couple of decades designing tattoos for men, many of them sleeves. So, I know what designs would look best […]...
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100 Beautiful King and Queen Tattoos for Couples
King and queen tattoos are extremely popular these days. There are many variations to the tattoos such as the playing cards king and queen, lion king and queen, skull king and queen, and many more.  As a tattoo artist, I come across many couples looking for unique matching tattoo ideas. I often...
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85 Shin Tattoos to Influence Your Next Kickin' Tattoo
Shin tattoos are pretty unique, so it can be difficult to know what designs will work best for you. Well, from floral tattoos to skulls, I have unveiled the top options. I have been an artist for over a decade and during this time, I have been commissioned to design numerous shin tattoo designs. So,...
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62 Unique Short Acrylic Nail Ideas For A Stunning Appearance
Short acrylic nails are a modified version of your natural nails. You can decide to get a subtle design on your acrylic nails with pastel colors and simple swirls. Or you can go with the brighter looks done with neon nail polish, for a more statement-making look. Whenever I get short acrylic nails d...
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30 Gorgeous Maroon And Gold Nails For The Season
Maroon and gold nails are my favorite nail combination, especially during fall. The maroon color matches the leaves as they change from green to red, orange, or brown. The gold gives a lovely sparkle that looks like the faint sunlight which is characteristic of fall. I usually get my maroon and gold...
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50 Nails With Diamonds For All Season
When you hear of diamonds, the first thing that may come to mind is glitz, but at a price. Don't let the cost of diamonds be a turn-off. You can enjoy the glitz (even if you can't afford diamonds) by getting nails with diamonds. You can go all out with your diamond nail design by […]...
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40 Unique Pastel Nail Designs For All Seasons
When you hear of pastel nails, light pinks, baby blue, and mint green immediately come to mind. However, a stroll around Instagram and TikTok will make you realize that pastel nail designs have taken an astonishing twist recently. I've seen animal print pastels done with a lovely blend of beige and ...
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62 Bob Hairstyles For Black Women For a Rich and Elegant Look
Bob hairstyles usually have a perfect length that you can style to suit different occasions. My favorite hairstyle is the shoulder-length bob with slight waves. I've found that it keeps my face looking snatched at all times. Another hairstyle that looks great on almost anyone is the black sleek stra...
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36 Wedge Haircut Ideas For A Modern Retro Look
The super spiky and short stacked wedge haircut that was a signature style in the 80s has had a makeover and is now replaced by the layered wedge haircut with spikes. Wedge hairstyles with long fringes are now switched up with bangs that don't get in the eyes. Most people who come to my salon [&hell...
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50 Flat Twist Hairstyles For a Chic and Stylish Look
Twist hair is no doubt the simplest and most convenient protective hairstyle you can get done. You might be familiar with getting twists on box braids, but flat twists have allowed the luxury of making cornrows using twists. Flat twists have saved me more times than I can count. It is my go-to hairs...
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62 Stylish and Trendy Emo Hairstyles For Girls
Some people might be cool with blending in with the crowd, but that wasn't my MO. I've always wanted to stand out in the best way possible. Let's just say emo hairstyles gave me a safe haven to do that. My first emo hair was an emo haircut with full bangs. I toyed with that […]...
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