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The 777 Tattoo Meaning and 110 Ideas for Divinity and Luck

The 777 tattoo can have a number of meanings – some of these are spiritual and linked to the bible, while others have to do with sheer luck! Numerology has been around for thousands of years but recently it has been making a comeback with the masses. As a result, I have been asked to […]

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110 Sternum Tattoo Ideas to Ink Above Your Heart

People are getting increasingly creative with their sternum tattoos. Due to this, you have your pick to choose from – all the way from lotus flowers to mythical figures. As a tattoo artist, there is no denying that the sternum is a tricky area to work your tattoo needle around. Despite this, it’s one of […]

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Calla Lily Tattoo Meaning with 105+ Flawless Designs For a Stunning Look

Calla lilies are popular and amazing tattoo designs that symbolize beauty, purity, innocence, rebirth, and fertility. The Greek part of my family believes that the calla lilies are transporters of the soul to heaven. So, when someone dies, it is tradition to place the lilies on the coffin to take that person’s soul to heaven. […]

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Top 75 Glamorous Snake Tattoo Ideas with Their Meaning

Snake tattoos are fascinating. Their slippery body can be manipulated to form different tattoo styles. For example, the extensive snake sleeve tattoo which runs from the shoulder to the hand is a definite stand out. What I love most about snake tattoos is their versatility. There are over 3000 species of snakes each with its […]

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120 Mayan Tattoos to Take You On a Historical Journey

There are so many different types of Mayan tattoos, from signs for duality to those of power. I have spent a lot of time in South America and got the chance to study the native and ancient art of the regions. This is when I became interested in Mayan art and the tattoo designs based […]

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Centipede Tattoo Meaning With 115 Stunning Images to Express Your Spirituality

Centipede tattoos are a symbol of spirituality and a connection to the afterlife or death. Some people don’t like the creepy-crawly nature of centipedes. There are others (like you and me) who find them really cool. Most people like the centipede tattoo and also like hanging out and chilling alone. Does this sound like you? […]

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55+ Breast Tattoo Ideas to Define Your Femininity

From flowers to abstract designs, there is a wide variety of breast tattoos you can get. Breast tattoos are some of the most challenging tattoos to ink due to their placement. However, over the years, I have begun to appreciate these tattoos more and more. It is empowering for me as a female artist to […]

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Forget Me Not Tattoo Meaning With 110 Tattoo Designs to Keep Those Memories Forever

After graduation, I had to move to a different state and separate from my roommate and bestie of 4 years. That wasn’t an easy one. A thousand hugs and buckets of tears later, we decided to get forget me not tattoos to help keep us together even though we would be miles apart. That was […]

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55 Roman Numeral Tattoo Ideas to Number Your Memories

From a simple Roman numeral aesthetic to complex clock tattoo designs, there are many different ways to get a Roman numerals tattoo. I love when clients come to me with designs for Roman numerals. It’s like getting a secret code tattooed on you. You can add so much significance to your tattoo. In this post, […]

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Medusa Tattoo Meaning with 55+ Images That’ll Inspire You To Be Strong

Medusa tattoo is seen as a symbol of female power, strength, and survival. It is usually popular among survivors of sexual assault, especially women. Men who request the tattoo have family/friends who have been assaulted before. I once had a conversation with a lady who came for a medusa statue tattoo. For her, the decision […]

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