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25+ Dice Tattoo Ideas to Turn Anyone's Head!

I think dice tattoos are a good idea if you're someone who likes to take risks. But at the same time, I'd say that dice tattoos can be fun if you like board games or are into gambling. So, a few days ago, I did a lucky dice tattoo for a client who wanted to […]

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35+ Resilience Tattoo Ideas to Showcase the Power of Your Spirit!

In this article, we'll explore a range of resilience tattoos, from simple text to ornate designs and vibrant images. As a tattoo artist who has previously designed resilience tattoos, I understand the significance of these designs and will guide you towards finding the perfect symbol of your unwavering spirit. So, let's dive in and discover […]

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35+ Shamrock Tattoo Ideas to Bring You the Luck of the Irish!

We're diving into the world of shamrock tattoos. From minimalist designs to vibrant cartoons, there's a shamrock that's perfect for you. During my time as a tattoo artist, I have designed quite a few shamrock tattoos! It doesn't seem to matter where I go, there is always someone with an Irish family connection. So, I […]

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30+ Running Tattoo Ideas That Will Symbolize Your Passion Perfectly!

From symbolic shoe designs with wings to marathon commemorations, we've got you covered with the very best running tattoos! Over the years, I have designed quite a few running tattoos for my clients. So, I know a thing or two about creating a beautiful and inspiring concept. Join in and take a look at these […]

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20+ Adoption Tattoo Ideas That are Full of Familial Love

Looking for a meaningful way to celebrate your journey as an adoptive parent or as a child who was adopted? Look no further than adoption tattoos. From symbolic designs to powerful quotes and personalized portraits, there's a tattoo for you. As a tattoo artist who has designed adoption tattoos for families before, I'm excited to […]

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55+ Anxiety Tattoo Ideas to Tell the Story of Your Mental Health

From scripts and symbols to funny quotes, there are many anxiety tattoos that can help you represent your mental health issues in artistic form. As a tattoo artist, I have had an increasing number of clients asking for mental health tattoos, with anxiety tattoos being especially common. They claim that these tattoos help them transform […]

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40+ Africa Tattoo Ideas to Capture the Beauty of the Continent

In this article, we'll explore a range of tattoos inspired by Africa's beautiful people, incredible heritage, gorgeous views, and much more! As a tattoo artist who had the amazing opportunity to visit Africa many years ago, I understand just how many design opportunities this continent holds for tattoo lovers. I would love to guide you […]

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105+ Wildflower Tattoo Ideas to Let Your Wild Side Take Over

From wild chrysanthemums to spiritual lotus flowers, there are many species for you to choose from for your wildflower tattoo! I do admit that wildflower tattoos are some of my favorite tattoos to design and ink. This is because they are a fun alternative to traditional floral tattoos and they allow me to flex my […]

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30+ Los Angeles Tattoo Ideas to Show Your Love for Tinseltown!

I think Los Angeles tattoos are a good idea if you want to highlight your love for the city. Like just a few days ago, I had a client come for a small LA tattoo on his neck. He said he was getting it because he missed home, and wanted something to always remember it […]

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30+ Lesbian Tattoo Ideas to Wear Your Pride On Your Skin!

From simple text tattoos to sassy cartoons, there are so many tattoos that embody your lesbian identity! As a tattoo artist who supports the LGBTQIA+ community, I have a lot of experience in designing lesbian-inspired tattoos. I'm here to help you find a design that beautifully represents your spirit and tells your story in an […]

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