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135+ Dragon Ball Z Tattoo Ideas to Bring Out The Fighter In You!

I've been a fan of the Dragon Ball series since I was a kid, so I get excited whenever clients come in wanting Dragon Ball Z tattoos. The last tattoo sleeve I actually did was a Dragon Ball-inspired one - the client was one of my regulars, and he wanted a Dragon Ball GT-inspired tat […]

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115+ I Am Enough Tattoo Ideas That Will Empower You!

From simple to artistic designs, there are plenty of I am enough tattoos that can help to uplift yourself as well as others! Tattoos like the I am enough tattoo concept are some of my favorite to do. This is because I get to play a small role in someone's life transformation. Not to mention, […]

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35+ 1111 Tattoo Ideas That Will Add Purpose to Your Life!

From minimalistic designs to abstract ideas, there are many different 1111 tattoos for you to choose from! Over the last few years, I have had an increasing number of clients come in asking for angel numbers. Of these, I have found 1111 to be the most popular request. And, it is always a pleasure to […]

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150+ Berserk Tattoo Ideas To Unleash Your Inner Beast!

I love doing berserk tattoos: the style behind the anime is just so nitty and gnarly. Just earlier today, I actually had this young client come in for a Casca tattoo on her arm. If you're a fan of the show, you know that she's been through a lot - so she was telling me […]

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45+ Owl Tattoo Ideas for Beautiful and Majestic Designs

There are so many possibilities for owl tattoos - from realistic depictions to abstract concepts, discover all the designs you can choose from! I have to admit that owl tattoos are some of my favorite designs. Not only do these creatures have so much symbolism associated with them, there are so many different ways to […]

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30+ Red Ink Tattoo Ideas To Stand Out From the Crowd!

I think red ink tattoos are great if you want something more attention-grabbing than just a regular black ink tattoo. But the red ink can also add extra symbolism to the tattoo design. Like if you take a dragon design, for instance, doing it in red ink can emphasize their power. Like just a few […]

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30+ Sanskrit Tattoo Ideas to Pay Homage to Indian and Hindu Culture

From words of encouragement and spiritual phrases to poetry, there are many Sanskrit tattoo designs for you to consider for yourself! As a tattoo artist, Sanskrit tattoos can be a little intimidating. Not only is the script visually stunning, but the language also holds deep spiritual significance with many Sanskrit words and phrases holding powerful […]

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50+ Pennywise Tattoos to Send Shivers Down Your Spine!

It doesn't matter if you are a fan of the book, TV series, or movies - I have a collection of Pennywise tattoo designs that will suit all your tastes. You can find everything from portraits and symbols to creative concepts! Thanks to Stephen King, I can never look at clowns the same way again. […]

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100+ Angel Wings Tattoo Ideas for a Divine Design!

From minimalistic designs to symbols for good and evil, there are a lot of angel wings tattoos for you to choose from! I have been obsessed with angel wings ever since I was a little girl. In fact, I have my own set of wings tattooed on me so this is a pretty special tattoo […]

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105+ God of War Tattoo Ideas to Honor Your Favorite Videogame!

From symbols and characters to weapons, there are a lot of God of War tattoos for you to choose from. Although I am not much of a gamer, I have become invested in the God of War series as so many of my clients love it. And, as I ink their God of War tattoo […]

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