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How Long Does Permanent Hair Dye Last? A Dye Hard Question

Permanent hair dye can last between 6 to 8 weeks before fading. Of course, as your hair does grow during this period, you will need to get touch ups at your roots. I have been a colorist for a couple of decades and the one question my clients always have for me is, how long […]

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45+ Sassy Haircuts For Bold and Stylish Ladies

Stepping into a room looking like you own it requires more than just self-confidence. That confidence has to be backed up by a sassy haircut. The best haircut to match that confident persona is short hair with slight waves. Short hair has a way of adding an edgy aura to your look to give just […]

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How Long to Leave Toner in Hair For The Perfect Result

To get the best results from a toner, you should leave it in for 10-45 minutes, depending on your hair type. I let my toner sit in my hair for a maximum of 15 minutes since I've got light blonde hair. But if you've got darker hair, you should let your toner sit in for […]

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What Does Purple Shampoo Do To Brown Hair? How To Get The Best Result

Purple shampoo works to remove brassy tones from brown hair in the same way it works on blonde hair. It helps to remove yellow and orange tones in your hair, leaving you with shiny, and uniform color-treated strands. I've used purple shampoo on my brown hair to help lighten some slight yellow undertones, with amazing […]

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100+ Dyed Bangs And Colored Fringe Hairstyles

All hail to TikTok and Instagram for putting dyed bangs and colored fringe hairstyles in the spotlight. The popularity of the hair trend made me dye my bangs blonde, and after that, I was obsessed. I've spotted purple, pink, and orange colored bangs, which contrasted nicely with my brunette base. My next stop is the […]

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50 Pink and Blue Hair Styles to Make Your Look Pop!

From pink and blue highlights to half and half hair, there are different ways you can pull this color combination off. As a hair colorist, I have done all kinds of pink and blue hair styles for clients over the years. So, I know exactly how many variations there are and what works best. Here […]

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How Long To Leave Hair Dye In: A Matter of Time

Leave hair dye in for about 30 to 45 minutes or as recommended by the manufacturer. I have been a colorist for quite a long time. When pushed for time, I have resorted to using box dyes as well. This is why I know exactly how long to leave hair dye in when using store-bought […]

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How to Remove Semi Permanent Hair Dye: 4 Best Methods

You can use a color remover, clarifying shampoo, Vitamin C, and baking soda to get rid of semi-permanent hair dye. As a colorist, not only have I seen my fair share of DIY projects, but have been guilty of trying out a few as well. This makes me the perfect person to advise you how […]

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50+ Super Cool Emo Hairstyles For Guys This Season

Don't like fitting in with the crowd? No wonder you're a fan of guys' emo hairstyles. Emo hairstyle is the most efficient way to set yourself apart from the crowd. Most people I've encountered do this by getting styles with exaggerated bangs. You can also spot a unique appearance by keeping an extra long mane […]

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55 First Communion Hairstyles For Your Kids Big Day

My family is extra, so holy communion is a big deal for them. My mom was freaking out about making me and my sister look perfect for our big day. From the gowns to the tiara and veils, everything had to be perfect. It almost became a disaster though, since mama bear forgot about the […]

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