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25+ Best 222 Tattoos To Put You On The Right Track

by Sherri Owens

Most people who get the 222 tattoo art prefer it with fine line work. The fine line tattoo allows you to get this design in the clearest form which allows the meaning to shine through. You can enhance that spiritual connection with the angel number tattoo.

A lot of other tattoo images like butterflies, roses, or angel wings are drawn with the 222 tattoos to enhance the look. However, the simple and elegant design done with just fine lines is still the most popular with no signs of falling from that high ground yet.

The 222 tattoos have astonishing meanings that are just out of this world. Need a guide to help you choose the best 222 tattoo design? You've come to the right place.

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222 Tattoo Designs For Inspiration

Butterfly 222 Tattoo Ideas

The 222 tattoo with the butterfly signifies goodness and alignment in your new path of choice. It is a sign that you will find freedom, happiness, and rebirth in the path you have decided to take. The road to freedom is a hard one to cross, which is why the 222 tattoo with butterflies is done to help remind one that goodness lies ahead, regardless of what you're facing now.

Charming Tattoo

Here is an amazing take on the tattoo art. The angelic number is surrounded by sparkles and dots which all serve to add a creative touch to the design. A bold butterfly is drawn under the tattoo design, making it extremely stylish and fashionable.

Butterfly with Plants 222 Tattoo

Image by @wicked_mars via Instagram

Cute Butterfly and Sparkles

A beautiful and elegant design that signifies new beginnings, and the strength to conquer new challenges.

Butterfly with Sparkles and 222 Tattoo

Image by @jackybodyart via Instagram

Simple Font

The 222 angel number tattoo is done a little further from the butterfly here. It's a message to always stay positive and to be open to new possibilities.

Butterfly with 222 Angel Number Tattoo

Image by @inkisart_tattoo via Instagram

Symmetrical Tattoo

This next body art is for bold and daring individuals. The tattoo artist does symmetrical art on the stomach region using fine line work. The symmetrical art doesn't just make it look unique and beautiful. It's also infused with deep meaning. The lucky number signifies that you will fly high to places beyond your imagination.

Symmetrical Butterfly with 222 Tattoo

Image by @mary_sedation_tattoo via Instagram

Multiple Butterflies

Nothing says new beginnings more than multiple butterflies with number tattoo. My favorite thing about this tattoo art is how it's done in black ink which pops against the skin tone.

Although one of the popular meanings of the number work is goodness and positivity, you can get a tattoo that represents these things and look great as well.

Butterflies and 222 Tattoo on the Forearm

Image by @knox.ink via Instagram

Minimalist 222 Tattoo Ideas

Most people opt for the minimalist 222 tattoo design for several reasons. Some people believe that getting this tattoo design with no added decoration represents spiritual satisfaction. Others believe that the lucky number is better left simple to serve as a reminder of the meanings attached without the interference of other tattoo images.

Upper Elbow Tattoo Design

The upper elbow is one of those spots where tattoos are less painful. So if you've got a lower threshold for pain, the minimalist tattoo in this spot is a great option for obvious reasons (tiny tattoo, thus the least pain).

Simple 222 Tattoo on the Upper Elbow

Image by @amylowdontattoo via Instagram

Tiny Angel 222 Tattoo on the Upper Elbow

Image by @baby.kait via Instagram

Bold 222 Tattoo on the Upper Elbow

Image by @hels_tattoos via Instagram

Plant and 222 Tattoo on the Upper Elbow

Image by @vibetattoo.ut via Instagram

Hand Poked Tattoo

A tattoo done with an amazing font to remind you that everything will fall into place at the right time.

Handpoked Angel Number Tattoo

Image by @savage.sticks via Instagram

The Wrist Angel Number Tattoo

A relatively painless spot for body art to remind you that you're loved and protected by your guardian angel.

222 Minimal Tattoo on the Wrist

Image by @noran_ink via Instagram

Simple 222 Micro Tattoo on the Wrist

Image by @thatgirlnamedgg via Instagram

Hand Angelic Number Tattoo

The hands are a bold spot for this tattoo art. If you are proud to show the world that you've begun a new chapter in your life, then getting a 222 tattoo on your hand is a great choice.

Bold 222 Tattoo on Hands

Image by @smvdsilvaink via Instagram

Red 222 Angel Number Tattoo

Image by @slinestudios via Instagram

Red Ink 222 Tattoo on the Hand

Image by @ander.tattoos via Instagram

Fingers 222 Tattoos

The fingers are the most hidden spot to get this 222 angel number tattoo. The number 222 here shows that you've got a hidden spiritual side. This element also serves as a constant reminder to stay in touch with your spiritual side and not let the external world change your nature and positive attitude.

222 Tattoo on the Middle Finger

Image by @vonsartistry via Instagram

222 Line Tattoo on the Finger

Image by @velvetcosmickitten via Instagram

Forearm Number 222 Tattoos

Its general knowledge that the forearm is one of the least painful location to get a tattoo art done, which is why it's one of my favorite tattoo spots. It is also constantly visible, which helps to efficiently pass the message of the particular design you do.

Here, the simple designs signifies faithfulness, passion and your journey to becoming a better person. In many cultures, it also symbolizes harmony, especially when drawn with the image of an arrow close to it.

Tiny Red 222 Tattoo on the Forearm

Image by @mothladytattoos via Instagram

Black 222 Tattoo on the Elbow

Image by @andyoutattoo via Instagram

Red 222 Flaming Tattoo on the Forearm

Image by @inkgnorant via Instagram

Waist Minimal Tattoo

Though the waist tattoo is not constantly visible, it usually looks sexy and delicate. Getting the number art on the waist is like killing two birds with one stone. You get a tattoo with an amazing meaning in many cultures, and a design that is sexy and seductive.

Red 222 Tattoo on the Waist

Image by @oldschooltattooltd via Instagram

Angel Number and Animal Tattoo

The angel number tattoo paired with an animal (fierce creatures like lions, leopards or tigers) is usually done for protection. The tattoo designs always ends up looking awesome and brings immense spiritual satisfaction. This is because the animal serves as your protector and makes you feel like you're always protected whenever you look in the mirror.

Leopard 222 Tattoo

Leopards are very adaptive animals that are tricky and filled with strength. This particular tattoo reflects that you've got a guardian angel that will help you get out of even the trickiest situations unscathed.

Angel Number 222 and Leopard Tattoo

Image by @akkurat_tattoo_studio via Instagram

222 Tattoos Behind The Ear

Tattoos done behind the ear tends to be significantly more painful than other body parts since this is one of the erogenous zones of the body. This is why it's believed that 222 tattoo art behind the ear sends a special message. This could have different meanings. It represents immortality to some, while others get it as a sign of new opportunities, a new life cycle and as a sign that you're on the right track.

Unique Font Bright Red Tattoo

These feminine red tattoo symbolizes young love and serves as a daily reminder to keep your heart open to love and happiness.

Red 222 Tattoo Behind the Ear

Image by @_sinnertattoos via Instagram

Angel Number 222 Tattoo Behind Ears

Image by @tattoosbystephaniie via Instagram

Moon, Stars, Or Sparkles Number 222 Tattoos

A moon tattoo reflects change and growth while the number 222 tattoos signifies goodness and alignment. So when paired, this tattoo represents growth in the right path and direction.

Four Sparkles

Here, the tattoo artist does the number 222 using a shading technique, making it look bold and beautiful. The boldness reflects the meaning of the design and serves to remind you to keep going.

Butterfly, Moon, and 222 Tattoo Below Knee

Image by @naratash_tattoo via Instagram

Matching Angelic Number Tattoos

This particular tattoo is usually done by partners or close friends that are on the same journey towards growth and development as you. It signifies the same soul, new beginnings and opportunities.

So what are you waiting for? There is no better time than now to ask your tattoo artist for a matching number tattoo of you and your significant other.

Matching 222 Tattoos on the Arm

Image by @stephanie.dots_ via Instagram

Combination Number 222 Tattoos

Here, the angel 222 tattoo is done in conjunction with other angelic numbers. I love the combination number tattoo because it gives you the chance to rock multiple angelic numbers at the same time without the pain and constraints that come with getting the tattoo art individually.

222, 444, and 111

One glance at such tattoos and you might see just a single number. However, a second glance will help expose all the details that the design entails. The creative designs of the combined number tattoo looks great on the neck. However, the upper arm, forearm or shoulder are also great spots of choice for this tattoo.

222, 444, 555 Combination Tattoo on the Neck

Image by @kojitatts via Instagram

Bow and Arrow Tattoo

The number bow and arrow tattoo represents power and strength. It serves as a constant reminder that you're on the right path and can overcome anything that life throws at you.

It is one of the popular tattoos among some bratva members that are considered warriors.

Bow and Arrow Tattoo with Number 222

Image by @donaldvoelker via Instagram

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does The Tattoo 222 Mean?

The 222 tattoo is an angel number; most times, this number is considered to portray goodness and all things positive. The number symbolizes alignment and positivity which is why it is one of the most popular designs out there.

What Does The Tattoo 444 Mean?

The 444 tattoo signifies passion and ambition. The tattoo will inspire you to get your life together, move towards a goal, and look for something that will make you passionate about life.

Where Did The Word Tattoo Come From?

The word tattoo comes from the Samoan word "tatau'' which is the tapping sound of the tools used during tattooing.

What Does The 11 11 Tattoo Mean?

Some people believe that 11 11 is associated with the presence of a spiritual being. A single glance at the number can indicate that your guardian angel is around or that other spirits are nearby.

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