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54 Amazing Anime Tattoo Ideas You Will Love

by Sherri Owens

I have been an anime fan forever. Dragon ball is my all-time favorite series, because why not? Imagine having Dragon Ball Goku's ability to instantly learn the technique of other fighters after seeing it just once.

I recommend sailor moon tattoo designs for those who want colorful tattoo art that will contrast nicely with their skin tone. Naruto tattoo designs are also a great option if you need a stunning and eye-catching tattoo that is sure to keep compliments coming.

There are a lot of options when it comes to anime tattoos. Here are the most amazing anime tattoo ideas that you can't help but love.

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Anime Tattoo Ideas For Inspiration

Dragon Ball Anime Tattoos

1. Son Goku

Son Goku is a Super Saiyan and the main character in the Dragon Ball series. Goku is the God of the dragons and at one point in my life I adored the character.

Get this tattoo to remind yourself of how strong you are and that all hope is not lost, no matter the situation you're going through. 

Son Goku Dragon Ball Anime Tattoo

Image by @senitattoos via Instagram

2. Dragon Ball Z

This amazing leg tattoo perfectly captures the Dragon Ball Z universe. Tattooing your favorite anime fight scene is always a great idea to generate fun memories. This tattoo design is perfect if you need inspiration.

An amazing Dragon Ball Z tattoo

Image by @jack_shutt_tattoo via Instagram

Sailor Moon Anime Tattoos

3. Mamoru Chiba and Usagi Tsukino's Tattoo Designs

If you're a sucker for romance, this is the ideal tattoo for you. Mamoru Chiba and Usagi Tsukino are characters from Sailor Moon, one of the most popular anime series ever.

You can get this with your partner or even have each character on both arms.

Mamoru Chiba and Usagi Tsukino Tattoo

Image by @pinzy.tattoos via Instagram

4. Femme Tattoo

This sailor moon design is perfect for any sailor moon fandom. It holds a deeper meaning as Sailor Moon explores feminist characters.

You can choose to have this anime tattoo on your forearm or anywhere else.

Sailor Moon Tattoo Design

Image by @ledstattoo via Instagram

5. Usagi Tattoo

Usagi Tsukino is the protagonist of the Japanese manga series, Sailor Moon.

This tattoo is simply beautiful and feminine. It shows people that you're not weaker than your male counterparts and are even capable of leading them.

Usagi Tsukino Tattoo Design

Image by @vintagetattoo.koenigswinte via Instagram

6. Luna and Artemis

Luna and Artemis are my favorite characters from Sailor Moon. This tattoo is great if you are a cat lover and a fan of Sailor Moon. It's a great matching tattoo for couples, best friends, and even siblings.

Matchy matchy Luna and Artemis Tattoos

Image by @uhhhhtaco via Instagram

Demon Slayer Anime Tattoo Ideas

7. Fierce Tanjiro Hand Tattoo

This Japanese animation of Tanjiro hand is a personal favorite.

You will love this anime tattoo of Tanjiro if you are a fan of Demon Slayer, which happens to be one of my favorite anime series at the moment. 

Tanjiro hand tattoo

Image by @inkd4life1 via Instagram

8. Big Kimetsu

With this anime colorful tattoo, you get to carry a cute image of your favorite characters wherever you go.

Flashy Boy Big Kimetsu Tattoo

Image by @ladymermaidink via Instagram

9. Iguro Obanai

Known for his strong persona, Iguro Obanai is a character admired by many anime fans. This tattoo is a great choice if Iguro is your favorite character. You can get this cool anime tattoo of him or other anime tattoo designs of him.

Iguro Obanai Tattoo Design

Image by @adrimon.ink via Instagram

Pokemon Tattoo Ideas

10. Gastly and His Evolutions

If you are a big fan of Pokémon, there's no way you won't love this tattoo, done with vibrant colors. Gastly has amazing powers such as levitation. Body art like this is cute, colorful, and shows you have a fun persona.

Gastly and His Evolutions Tattoo Design

Image by @dillonhild via Instagram

11. Tornupto

Get this anime tattoo of Pokemon Tornupto that is cute and creative.

Anime Tattoo of Pokemon Tornupto

Image by @tintenkult.vienna via Instagram

12. Cute Squirtle Gang Tattoo

We can't help but love Squirtle Pokemon. Don't you just love how it draws its limbs inside its shell and sprays water from its mouth when it feels threatened? The tattoo artist gets the image of the Squirtle perfectly. You will need an experienced anime tattoo artist to get yours to look as nice as this.

Squirtle Pokemon Tattoo Design

Image by @jey_jey_tattoo via Instagram

13. Plusle and Minun

Want to get cute matching tattoos with your best friend or significant other? This tattoo of Plusle and Minun from Pokémon is a great way to express your bond. I love how colorful and cute the anime tattoo is. It's an anime design that can evoke positive feelings just by looking at it.

Plusle and Minun Brother and Sister Tattoo

Image by @elfxblade via Instagram

14. Kakashi x Pikachu

This anime tattoo design of Kakashi Pikachu is nice, but I prefer mine with the yellow and white colors. The white on the hair is an indication that Pikachu is ready to engage in powerful combat.

Kakashi X pikachu Tattoo Design

Image by @animeiink via Instagram

15. Snorlax

This anime tattoo of Snorlax can only be described in one word: adorable. If you want a simple, cute tattoo, this is perfect for you. 

anime tattoo of Snorlax

Image by @mathieu.tiedrez.tattoo via Instagram

16. Gyarados Tattoo

This tattoo of Blue Gyarados depicts its fierce temper and reputation for causing destruction. Only a glam anime artist can get the expression of Gyarados and this artist is definitely one. It is a unique anime tattoo image for tattoo lovers.

Blue Gyarados Tattoo Design

Image by @arliatattoo via Pinterest

Naruto Tattoo Ideas

17. Nagato Uzumaki

This tattoo captures Nagato Uzumaki perfectly. We all have villains we love to hate, and he is no doubt one of them. 

Nagato Uzumaki Tattoo

Image by @ideka.luminus via Instagram

18. Naruto Uzumaki

I can't imagine my childhood with Naruto. That's how much I loved the series. It made me look forward to school because I could discuss the latest episodes with my friends. You can get this tattoo of Naruto because, why not?

Uzumaki Naruto Tattoo Design

Image by @senitattoos via Instagram

One Piece Anime Tattoo Ideas

19. One Piece

If you're a fan of small tattoos, his tattoo is a great fit for you. It's simple, yet gorgeous without being too extra. If you're a fan of One Piece, you will be grateful that you came across the tattoo design.

One Piece Tattoo Design

Image by @4stattos via Instagram

20. Brook

This anime tattoo of Brook is to die for. Brook is captured perfectly here, in this astonishing tattoo. It looks very expressive and has, a nice comic vibe.

Anime Tattoo of Brook

Image by @ahri.tattoo via Instagram

Other Anime Tattoo Ideas

21. Eren Jaeger Tattoo

The leader of Yeagerists is depicted with precision in this stunning tattoo. Don't be deceived by his stoic expression in the tattoo design. He is a strong fighter who harbors plans to avenge his mother's death by slaughtering all the titans and freeing Paradis from the pure titans.

Eren Jaeger Tattoo Design

Image by @blackwood_tattoo via Instagram

22. Black and Grey Tattoo

Body art done with grey and black ink is anything but boring. One thing that drew me to this tattoo is how unique and creative it is. It may have a dark theme, but having this tattoo on your arm is an amazing idea. A good tattoo artist will help bring it to life.

Black and Grey Inked Tattoo

Image by @billclint.gu via Instagram

23. Death Note

Death Note is up there on my list of favorite anime series. You can get an anime tattoo of Light Yagami from Death Note if you love his amazing personality.

Anime Tattoo of Light Yagami from Death Note

Image by @animemasterink via Instagram

24. Princess Mononoke Mask

Need a unique, attention-grabbing tattoo? This portrait of Princess Mononoke's mask is not only beautiful but mysterious and just the ideal tattoo for you. After surfing the internet for hours (don't judge), I stumbled upon this amazing tattoo design of Mononoke's mask.

Portrait of Princess Mononokes Mask Tattoo

Image by @2leda via Instagram

25. Soul Eater

This is a great sleeve tattoo that is done in an illustrative anime tattoo style. Why I love this is because it tells a story and captures why most young people love anime so much. Get this if you are looking for something phenomenal to show your love for Japanese culture.

Soul Eater Half Sleeve Tattoo

Image by @djdirkart via Instagram

26. Anime Tattoo Sleeve

This sleeve tattoo features a fantastic color palette. The brilliant colors were the first thing that caught my attention. The yellow reminds me of a sunny day. If you're a fan of the illustrative tattoo style, this is perfect for you.

Anime Tattoo Character For Sleeves

Image by @chapatattoo.estudio via Instagram

27. Manga Ferocious Beast Tattoo Designs

If you want something a bit daring and scary, you will love this tattoo of a manga beast. Life can be tough, and this tattoo can remind you to stay strong despite the odds.

Beast of Darkness tattoo

Image by @reddit.com via Pinterest

28. Anime Character Eyes

Prefer anime tattoos that are a bit edgy? Well, you should try out this anime image. Eyes can express a lot. So, getting tattoo designs of the eyes of anime characters or mythological characters from the anime world can express your fandom.

All things considered, it could mean fierceness, sorrow, anger, or pain. These particular eyes make me think of an angry warrior.

Anime Character Eyes Tattoo

Image by @tjlovesink via Instagram

29. Minis Ghibli

If you have a thing for small anime tattoos, your search for the perfect anime tattoo should come to an end. This is a reminder that you don't have to get an anime tattoo with bright colors to have an amazing design.

Minis Ghibli tattoo

Image by @lapetite_encrenoire via Instagram

30. Lum

The vibrant colors of this tattoo have to be one of the best things about this design. This tattoo is colorful and perfect if you're looking for something soft and feminine. If you are a big fan of the Lum Invader, you will love this tattoo. 

Vibrant Colors of Tattoo

Image by @solbaer.tattoo via Instagram

31. Howl and Sophie

This anime tattoo features Howl and Sophie. Howl and Sophie's love story has to be among my favorite love stories of all time. This tattoo is sweet and romantic. You and your partner can get this on your arm to show how much you care for each other. 

Howl and Sophie Tattoo

Image by @onitattoo via Instagram

32. Vibrant Purple Eye Tattoo

Don't you just love the large, round colorful eyes of most anime characters? As a devout anime fan, you may have wished at some point that you had a similar eye shape. I know I did. Since we can't, the least we can do is get anime tattoo designs of them.

Vibrant Purple Eye Tattoo

Image by @lelatudziara via Instagram

33. Aries Shion

This vibrant anime tattoo design of Aries Shion is a great idea that you should consider if you love bright colors and Aries Shion. Known for his loyalty and intelligence, he is an anime character whose tattoo image would look great on your skin.

Vibrant Anime Tattoo Design of Aries Shion

Image by @thomasdarko.tattoo via Instagram

34. Solid Snake

This realistic tattoo of Solid Snake is among the best anime tattoo ideas I found. I love how sneaky he is on his solo missions. If you are also a fan, you should get this tattoo that will look great on your forearm or thigh.

Realistic Tattoo of Solid Snake

Image by @zarallosink via Instagram

35. Gon and Killua

The Hunter x Hunter fandom will agree with me when I say Gon and Killua have the best bromance depicted in anime. You and your bestie can get it to remind you both to stay strong when things get tough.

Best Buds Gon and Killua Tattoo

Image by @hardliquor_and_hexes via Instagram

36. The Diablo Tattoo

This anime tattoo design is perfect if you like the idea of a female Diablo. If you see yourself as a strong person, this anime tattoo can reflect your character.

The Diablo Tattoo

Image by @mauricio_alcala_tattoo via Instagram

37. Sakura

This amazing anime tattoo design of Sakura is perfect if you can relate to her personality traits. She's a kind, brave, and intelligent character. I can't think of a better heroine to tattoo on my thigh. 

Amazing Anime Tattoo Design of Sakura

Image by @katyaleshu via Instagram

38. Hisoka

Who says you can get tattoos only of heroes or heroines? Hisoka might be a villain, but he's one of the most interesting characters in the Hunter x Hunter series. This new school tattoo of him is super stunning and interesting.

Hisoka Tattoo Design

Image by @inkbyebi via Instagram

39. Yami Sukehiro

This traditional twist anime tattoo depicts Yami in all his baddie glory. The do-gooder and captain of 'Black Bulls' is shown holding a cigarette with an effortless swagger that one can't help but love.

Yami Sukehiro Tattoo Design

Image by @spencergarrontattoos via Instagram

40. Haruko Akagi

Need a charming anime tattoo? Haruko, from the Japanese manga series Slam Dunk is a great character. Most fans can't help but love her because of her charming and sweet personality.

Small Bloody Horror Style Haruko Akagi

Image by @notjujubean via Pinterest

41. Chihiro

This anime tattoo of Chihiro from Spirited Away is done with beautiful colors and is so gorgeous that you will probably get a few compliments.

You can get this inspiring tattoo to remind yourself that growth is possible and to keep going even when things get tough.

Anime Tattoo of Chihiro

Image by @maddierobertstattoo via Instagram

42. Chi

If you're looking for feminine tattoo designs, this one is perfect. This visually appealing anime tattoo of Chi from Chobits will turn heads wherever you go.

Appealing Anime Tattoo of Chi

Image by @tatsforall via Instagram

43. Mikasa

Attack on Titans has to be one of the best anime series ever created. There is no shortage of amazing characters and the action will keep you glued to your screen.

If Mikasa is one of your fave characters, you should get this stunning tattoo design of her.

Mikasa Arckman Tattoo

Image by @brendownanytattoo via Pinterest

44. My Hero Academia

This amazing tattoo design of Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo is the ideal design for Hero Academia TV series fans.

This anime show is highly addictive and can make you feel a range of emotions. Get this on your forearm so you can be reminded of your love for the show.

Tattoo Design of Lzuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo

Image by @shirlero via Pinterest

45. Himura Kenshin

Are you a devout anime fan of Himura Kenshi from Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Swordsman Romantic Story? Then you'll love this.

What I like most about this TV series is how it shows that atonement is always possible. You can be reminded of that anytime you're down with this tattoo design.

Himura Kenshin Tattoo

Image by @carlospovartattoo via Instagram

46. Gyarados Tattoo

This tattoo of Blue Gyarados depicts its fierce temper and reputation for causing destruction.

Only a glam anime artist can get the expression of Gyarados and this artist is definitely one. It is a unique anime tattoo image for tattoo lovers.

Blue Gyarados Watercolor Tattoo

Image by @arliatattoo via Pinterest

47. Avatar Toph

Even though Aang is the main character in Avatar, my favorite character is Toph. I admire how brave she is. Despite being blind, she went on to become the greatest earth bender ever.

Spoiler alert: in Avatar legend of Korra, she even became a metal bender. This colorful tattoo depicts her in stunning earth-bending tribal gear.

Avatar Toph Tattoo

Image by @arliatattoo via Pinterest

48. Legend Of Zelda Tattoo

Legend of Zelda is among my favorite anime video games. This is a tattoo of Link ready to get into combat to protect the magical land of Hyrule from the demon king Ganon.

Link is always associated with green, just like in this anime tattoo with the hint of green behind his yellow hair. You could get a Princess Zelda tattoo if you want a feminine character from the legend of Zelda.

Legend of Zelda Tattoo

Image by @arliatattoo via Pinterest

49. Full Metal Alchemist's Roy Mustang

Colonel Roy Mustang is depicted here with a sly smile. The flame in the colorful tattoo depicts his power to create fire with alchemy as a flame alchemist.

I love his personality and adventures as he strives to become the next leader of Amestris.

Full Metal Alchemist's Roy Mustang Tattoo

Image by @arliatattoo via Instagram

50. Chrollo Lucifer

Chrollo is an antagonist, but there are parts of his personality that you may be able to relate to, such as his fierceness.

This tattoo is done with black ink and can show that you are bold, brave, and not afraid of a challenge. 

Chrollo Lucilfer Tattoo

Image by @tattooputz via Instagram

51. Anime Kitten

If you are a cat lover like me, you will love this kitten tattoo. Not all tattoos need to have deep meanings, and this is a prime example of that. This tattoo will also look great on your upper arm or chest.

Anime Kitten Tattoo Design

Image by @ via Instagram

52. The Kakashi Portrait

Fans will agree with me when I say that not only is Naruto a classic, it is one of the most loved and popular series. This design of Kakashi, a beloved Naruto character, is an awesome tattoo to get.

If you are inspired by Kakashi's personality as much as I am, you'll be glad you came across this anime theme.

The Kakashi Portrait Tattoo

Image by @keni.tattoo via Instagram

53. Luffy

This tattoo of the one-piece character Luffy is a perfect design to get if you're fun and free-spirited.

Though this tattoo is done completely in black ink, it's still fun and cool. His facial expression will resonate with you and show your free-spirited personality. 

One Piece Character Luffy Tattoo Design

Image by @owbonez via Instagram

54. The Demon Tattoo

This anime tattoo may be a bit dark, but it can make you look like a badass. The amazing artist's interpretation of this Jorogumo demon tattoo is highly accurate, with the demons long snake-like tongue and fangs on display.

Jorogumo demon tattoo

Image by @gato___xx via Instagram

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Getting An Anime Tattoo A Strange Thing To Do?

Getting anime body art can seem a little weird, but it makes you stand out and shows that you have a unique personality.

2. How Do You Select The Ideal Anime Tattoo For Yourself?

If you want a cool anime tattoo, you might not know how to pick one, as there is no shortage of amazing anime tattoo designs and styles.

The best way to select the ideal anime tattoo is by focusing on a character that resonates with your personality and what you stand for.

3. What Do Anime Tattoos Symbolize?

An anime tattoo symbolizes love for Japanese culture and anime. So getting one can be a great way to express your free-spirited nature in the coolest way possible.

4. Which Part Of Your Body Is Best For Anime Tattoos?

The arms, back, legs, and feet are the most popular spots for anime tattoos. You could also freestyle and get tattoos on your shoulder, forearm, or even hands.

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