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30+ Cupid Tattoo Ideas to Get You in the Mood for Love

by Sherri Owens

From cherubs to historic depictions, this wide selection of designs will help you find a cupid tattoo that is an enduring symbol of passion and affection.

As a tattoo artist, I have had the opportunity to design a lot of different kinds of cupid designs for clients. From cute to creative, I know just how many ways there are to design your very own cupid tattoo.

In this post, I will introduce you to breathtaking cupid tattoo ideas while also giving you a quick lesson on some of the symbology behind these designs.

The Best Cupid Tattoo Designs

Cherubic Cupid Tattoos

Cherubic Cupid tattoos can be a cute way to express your love for someone. These designs depict a childlike figure of Cupid, sometimes with angelic wings. You can draw inspiration from historic works of art, statues, or even cartoons for your cherub tattoo.

Baby Cupid Greyscale Tattoo

Image by @jeon______ via Instagram

Another popular Cupid tattoo idea is to combine the iconic symbol of love, the heart, with a Cupid figure. A Heart and Cupid tattoo typically showcases Cupid as a playful or sometimes mischievous character. This type of Cupid tattoo can symbolize the magic of love, the joy it brings, or the unpredictable nature of relationships.

Cupid in Heart Arm Tattoo

Image by @pobitattooo via Instagram

In case you would like a more subtle Cupid tattoo, then you may want to consider small or minimalist tattoos that are easy to hide as an option. Or, you can get a dedicated head tattoo. The simple yet adorable design can make a great addition to your body art collection.

Portrait Style Baby Cupid Arm Tattoo

Image by @ego.romantic via Instagram

Sketch Style Baby Cupid Tattoo

Image by @baronart_lulu via Instagram

Sad and Sleeping Cupid with Hearts Tattoo

Image by @lindseyink via Instagram

Eros Cupid Tattoos

The Eros tattoo design brings ancient Greek mythology into your modern ink. Eros, the god of love and desire, is often depicted with wings and a bow, ready to shoot his love-infused arrows. This Cupid tattoo design can be bold and intricate, or you can opt for a small, minimalist look that still captures the spirit of the symbol.

Eros Cupid Arm Tattoo

Image by @annitamaslov via Instagram

A common symbol associated with Cupid is the bow and arrow. In Roman mythology, Cupid uses his enchanted bow and arrows to inspire passionate love or uncontrollable desire. A Cupid tattoo incorporating the bow and arrow can represent the power of love or the balance between love and violence. When choosing a bow and arrow design, consider how the tattoo's style and placement will communicate your intended meaning.

Eros Cupid with Double Birds Tattoo

Image by @acra.tattoos via Instagram

Winged Eros Cupid with Sun Rib Tattoo

Image by @intocoretattoo via Instagram

Cupid Angel Tattoos

A Cupid angel tattoo design merges the iconic Cupid figure with angelic elements, such as feathered wings or a halo. This Cupid angel design can be traditional or artful, and they can vary in size. Adding personal touches, such as your loved one's initials or a heart, can make this design uniquely yours.

Greyish Cupid Angel Tattoo

Image by @jeon______ via Instagram

Cupid is often portrayed as an angelic figure, but some interpretations explore the duality between the forces of love and evil. A devil Cupid tattoo or an evil Cupid might symbolize the darker aspects of love, such as obsession or heartbreak, or even the struggle between good and evil within the human spirit.

Dark Grey Cupid Angel with Date Tattoo

Image by @hilljo_tattoo via Instagram

Traditional Cupid Tattoos

Traditional Cupid tattoo designs draw inspiration from classic tattoo designs, featuring bold lines and vibrant colors. These Cupid tattoo design ideas often show Cupid either shooting his bow and arrow or holding a ready stance. Whether you prefer a minimalist Cupid tattoo design or a more detailed piece, the traditional style can suit your taste.

Greyscale Traditional Cupid Tattoo

Image by @breezetattoo via Instagram

Tiny Little Traditional Cupid Rib Tattoo

Image by @mayagurtler via Instagram

Traditional and Colored Cupid Tattoo

Image by @badlittleyou via Instagram

Tattoo of Crying Face Cupid Stabbing the Heart

Image by @bk_p1antx via Instagram

Blindfolded Cupid Tattoos

Blindfolded Cupid tattoo concepts symbolize the idea that love is blind. These Cupid tattoo designs provide a unique twist on the Cupid theme, offering depth and meaning to your body art. Such Cupid tattoo concepts generally feature Cupid wearing a blindfold while still determinedly aiming his bow. These tattoos can be rendered in a variety of styles, from small to more elaborate designs.

Blindfolded Baby Cupid Tattoo

Image by @chrisjtattoo via Instagram

Wide Wings Blindfolded Cupid Tattoo

Image by @maw.loera via Instagram

Small Blindfolded Cupid Forearm Tattoo

Image by @shamrocksocialclub via Instagram

Red Cloth Blindfolded Child Cupid Tattoo

Image by @jz_inker via Instagram

Cupid Holding Flowers Tattoos

Cupid holding flowers tattoos depict the love messenger offering a bouquet as a symbol of affection instead of a Cupid arrow tattoo. This kind of Cupid tattoo can be sweet and endearing, and they often incorporate a splash of color with the flowers. As these Cupid tattoo concepts can be done in various styles and sizes, you're sure to find one that fits your personal preferences.

Small Cupid with Flowers Arm Tattoo

Image by @hansantattoo via Instagram

Baby Cupid with Rose Tattoo

Image by @baronart_lulu via Instagram

Cupid Wielding Gun Tattoos

If you're looking for a more edgy take on the classic Cupid icon, Cupid wielding a gun tattoo could be the perfect choice for you. These Cupid tattoo concepts replace the traditional bow and arrow tattoo with a firearm, putting a modern spin on the ancient symbol. With a wide range of styles available, you can create a truly unique piece of art.

Child Cupid with Black Rose and Gun Tattoo

Image by @slain_doe via Instagram

Cupid with Leg Cuffs and Gun Tattoo

Image by @inkedmag via Instagram

Tiny Cupid with Gun Sternum Tattoo

Image by @zeal_tattoo via Instagram

Colored Cupid Tattoo with Gun and Red Heart

Image by @vta_varo via Instagram

Cherubic Cupid and Psyche Tattoos

Cherubic Cupid and Psyche tattoos represent the love story between Cupid and his mortal lover, Psyche. These Cupid tattoo design ideas are often entwined with elements of Greek mythology, showcasing the romantic tale as they embrace or share an intimate gaze. These tattoos can be detailed and expressive, beautifully capturing the essence of their love story.

Kissing Cupid and Psyche Tattoo

Image by @geigerobjects via Instagram

Romantic Cupid and Psyche Tattoo with Angel Wings

Image by @jeon______ via Instagram

Cupid and Psyche Sketch Style Tattoo

Image by @ilginozdogan via Instagram

Eros and Psyche Tattoos

Eros and Psyche tattoos are an elegant option for those drawn to the powerful love story from Greek mythology. These Cupid tattoo concepts capture the breathtaking union between Eros and his lover Psyche, sometimes including symbolic elements such as butterfly tattoos, which represent Psyche's human soul. Intricate and meaningful, these Cupid tattoo suggestions can be a stunning way to immortalize their story on your skin.

Hugging Eros and Psyche Cupid Tattoo

Image by @napdirt via Instagram

Pencil Sketch Style Eros and Psyche Cupid Tattoo

Image by @bk_tattooer via Instagram

Love Making Cupid and Psyche Arm Tattoo

Image by @tiny.toad via Instagram

Tattoo of Psyche Revived by Cupid's Kiss

Image by @jinkblack_tattoo via Instagram

Realistic Eros and Psyche Wrist Tattoo

Image by @tattooeunb via Instagram

Cupid and Skull Tattoos

Cupid and skull tattoos combine the imagery of love and death, creating a unique and thought-provoking design. These tattoos often feature a traditional or neo-traditional style, with bold lines and vivid colors. The contrast between the Cupid figure and the skull can provide a striking visual and act as a powerful statement for your body art and can be a symbol for an evil Cupid tattoo or a dead cupid tattoo.

Cherub and Skull Grey Tattoo

Image by @eleanorrosetattoo via Instagram

Black Line Skully Cupid Tattoo

Image by @harringtontattoo via Instagram

Two Skull Cupid Shoulder Tattoo Piece

Image by @harringtontattoo via Instagram

Understanding Cupid Tattoos

Cupid: From Roman Mythology

Cupid is a well-known figure in Roman mythology, and he's often depicted as a playful and mischievous character. As the son of Venus, the goddess of love, and Mercury, the winged messenger of the gods, Cupid is considered the god of love himself.

Cupid is the Roman counterpart of the Greek god of love, Eros. According to Greek mythology, Eros is the son of Aphrodite, the goddess of love. His father is believed to be either Zeus, Ares, or Hermes. Eros is also associated with passion as well as fertility.

Symbol of Love and Affection

Cupid tattoo concepts are commonly associated with love, affection, and romance. In many tattoos, you'll find Cupid represented as a chubby and cherubic child carrying a bow and arrow. This imagery originates from the myth that the arrows Cupid shoots can make people fall in love or ignite passionate desire. When you see a Cupid arrow tattoo, it's easy to understand that it represents the depths of someone's heart and their willingness to love and be loved.

Interplay of Passion and Beauty

Cupid tattoo concepts can elegantly express the delicate balance between passion and beauty. There's an inherent grace to Cupid's form that, when combined with the symbolism of love and passion, can make for a powerful and captivating tattoo. This blending of elements allows you to create a Cupid tattoo concept that not only shows off your appreciation for Roman mythology, but also celebrates love and the ethereal nature of beauty.

Ultimately, when considering a Cupid tattoo, remember that it can be an excellent representation of your personality, interests, or personal beliefs. Whether you choose a simple or elaborate design, a Cupid tattoo can serve as a beautiful reminder of love, affection, and the enchanting qualities of Roman mythology.

Cupid Tattoo Placement Ideas

Forearm and Wrist Cupid Tattoos

Cupid tattoos on your forearms and wrists are perfect for showcasing love and passion. They can be easily seen and appreciated by others. You can choose from various designs, such as a simple outline of Cupid or a more detailed Cupid tattoo with his bow. A popular placement option is on the inner arm, where the tattoo remains subtle yet visible when you wish to show it off.

Greyscale Forearm Cupid Tattoo

Image by @thomo.th via Instagram

Cupid Tattoos on the Back

Your back provides a large canvas for a Cupid tattoo, giving you the freedom to explore intricate and artistic designs. This placement option offers versatility in size and style, from a small and delicate tattoo on the upper back or shoulder to a more prominent and bold piece spanning across your entire back. Feel free to play with different ideas, like including roses or hearts for added symbolism.

Tiny Triple Cupid Back Tattoo Piece

Image by @tattoobygbes via Instagram

Ankle and Thigh Tattoos

For those who prefer a more discreet and intimate placement, consider Cupid tattoos on your ankle or thigh. These locations offer a sense of privacy while still allowing you to express your affinity for love and romance. Whether it's a tiny Cupid silhouette on your ankle or a more elaborate scene on your thigh, these placements evoke a sense of playfulness and charm in your tattoo design.

Greyish Baby Cupid Thigh Tattoo

Image by @ego.romantic via Instagram

Well, there you have it - the best Cupid tattoos for you to choose from. It doesn't matter if you want a simple Cupid tattoo, a Cupid angel tattoo, or a historic work of art, you can find all the designs that you need right here! 

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