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35+ Pagan Tattoo Ideas for a Truly Mystical Design!

by Sherri Owens

From pentacles to Wiccan elements. I have conjured up the top Pagan tattoo designs for you to choose from!

As I am sure many people - women in particular - can relate, I too was obsessed with pagan cultures and religions when I was younger. I suppose it was a way to find alternate approaches to more traditional religions. So, it is always nice to meet a client who is also exploring such things.

Not only have I found the top pagan tattoo ideas for you, but I have also provided some history and meaning to the different designs too!

The Best Pagan Tattoo Ideas

Here are the top pagan tattoos that you should check out:

Pentacle Tattoos

Now, when most people think of pagan shapes, they think of pentagrams. Well, the pentacle is the five-pointed star within a circle. The pentacle is associated with neo-pagan religions, Wicca, in particular.

Little Pentacle Back Tattoo

Image by @argundir_tattoo via Instagram

Although the pentagram can sometimes be linked to the devil, a pentacle is more commonly associated with protection. The five points of the star can be seen as a representation of the five elements - earth, air, wood water, and fire.

Lavender Pentacle Thigh Tattoo

Image by @mitch_craft via Instagram

The pentagram can also be seen as a depiction of both the feminine as well as the masculine. So, in this sense, this pagan tattoo can be a symbol of balance or even pagan perfection.

Black Ink Floral Pentacle Tattoo

Image by @funeral_wife via Instagram

Triple Goddess Tattoos

The triple goddess is sometimes referred to as the maiden, the mother, and the crone. The triple goddess is meant to represent the three most important stages of a woman's life.

Tiny Triple Goddess Ankle Tattoo

Image by @hippie_outfitters via Instagram

First, you have the maiden - a time immediately following puberty, when you are a young woman. This could be a time of freedom, exploration, or coming into your own. Then, you have the mother - this is a period of sensuality and fertility and is also associated with caring and nurturing.

Triple Moon Witchery Style Tattoo

Image by @piotr.balcerak.tattoo via Instagram

Finally, you have the crone. She depicts women in the later stages of life. She has wisdom and experience under her belt and can be a source of guidance to other women.

Triple Moon Goddess Thigh Tattoo

Image by @brionyvictoriatattoo via Instagram

One of the more interesting things about the triple goddess pagan tattoo is that it can be a feminist counterpart to mainstream religion. Many of the most popular monotheist religions tend to be patriarchal with male or male-like figures at the helm.

Decorative Triple Moon Tattoo Piece

Image by @alisa.inks via Instagram

The triple goddess, however, can be an exploration of the feminine divine. Not only does the idea of the triple goddess place power back into the hands of women, but it can also recreate the narrative around the traditional rites of passage for women.

Hecate Goddess Black and Grey Tattoo

Image by @bellamercertattoo via Instagram

When it comes to this kind of pagan tattoo, you have a couple of options to choose from. If you want to choose symbols for the triple goddess, then you can do so with the moon. You can draw a waxing and waning moon on either side of a full moon to depict the triple goddess.

Triple Goddess Full Back Tattoo

Image by @theangelrose via Instagram

On the other hand, if you prefer to simply draw the triple goddess deities as they are, then you can draw three women. As you can imagine, you have quite a lot of creative control with such pagan tattoo designs, so you can really make your pagan tattoo your own.

Hecate, Triple Goddess of Sorcery and Witchcraft Tattoo

Image by @march.thorns via Instagram

Cernunnos Tattoos

In some instances, Cernunnos, also known as the Horned One, can be considered a sort of male counterpart for the triple goddess concept. He was often depicted as wearing stag antlers. However, in modern depictions, he may have more of a physical resemblance to a goat.

Black and Grey Cernunnos Arm Tattoo

Image by @tattoosbybrittanys via Instagram

Now, Cernunnos may have been one of the more widely followed pagan gods. His likeness has been found in Britain, Italy, and Denmark.

Greyscale Cernunnos Back Tattoo

Image by @dede_odinson via Instagram

The Christian church was very unhappy with the idea of people worshipping or following Cernunnos and they ran a bit of a smear campaign, using him as a symbol for the antichrist. This is likely why the goat is associated with devil worship and when many people think of the devil, they conjure up an image of an individual with horns, a tail, and hooves.

Celtic Cernunnos Back Shoulder Tattoo

Image by @sacred_knot_tattoo via Instagram

For your pagan tattoo, there are a few different ways that you can depict Cernunnos. If you want, you can choose to depict him as a man with the exception of the antlers sprouting from his head. If you want to reduce his likeness to the modern-day devil in your pagan tattoo, then you can make the horns look like branches.

Cernunnos Dot Work Thigh Tattoo

Image by @joe__murphy__tattoo via Instagram

In case you don't mind a slightly more gothic vibe to your pagan tattoo, then you can consider body art where Cernunnos either has an animal skull or is wearing an animal skull.

Celtic God of Forests Arm Tattoo

Image by @variag_of_kyiv via Instagram

Norse Tattoos

If you are looking for pagan tattoo ideas with Nordic themes, then you are sure to be spoilt for choice. This is because there are plenty of these pagan tattoo designs to choose from!

Godmask of Thor with Mjöllnir and Goats Tattoo

Image by @argundir_tattoo via Instagram

One of the more popular options is Norse gods and goddesses. There is a good chance that you know a fair amount about Norse gods and goddesses as they are pretty common in pop culture. Due to this, they can be considered pagan gods of old and new.

Viking God Dotted Leg Tattoo

Image by @thrudtattoo_rougebarbe via Instagram

From Odin and Thor to Freya and Loki, you can choose which god, goddess, demi-gods, or giants to get inked on you.

Nordic Themed Chest to Arm Tattoo

Image by @abel_pujol_art and eitriblek via Instagram

If you wish to go in a different direction, then you may want to consider ancient runes as a pagan tattoo instead. This makes the perfect tattoo if you want a cool-looking tattoo with an intricate design that also has some meaning.

Valkyrie Host of Female Figure Portrait Tattoo

Image by @vivi_tattooist via Instagram

Now, in case you do want to get runes as a pagan tattoo, make sure to do your research. Keep in mind that not only does each rune have its own phonetic sound, but it also has its own meaning. So, it is a good idea to make certain that you are getting an authentic design.

Greyscale Odin Arm Tattoo

Image by @major.ttts via Instagram

You can choose to only have two runes for your pagan tattoo or you can pair them with imagery associated with Vikings, Norse mythology, or other elements associated with Nordic culture.

Baltic Symbols, Pagan Strength Back Tattoo

Image by @simona.tattoo via Instagram

Viking Art Print Arm Tattoo

Image by @blackforestforge via Instagram

Norse Mythology Nordic Tattoo

Image by @oscarorcellet via Instagram

Veldismagn Magical Symbol Hand Tattoo

Image by @kaija_bodyart via Instagram

Vegvisir Black Work Tattoo

Image by @void.vitriol via Instagram

Pagan Celtic Tattoos

It is quite difficult to find authentic Celtic pagan tattoo designs. This can be because a lot of the original Celtic religion and culture has been lost over time. What's more, many of the accounts of ancient Celtic practices have been recorded and passed down by the Romans and so these facts may have been distorted.

Druids Dance Under the Blood Moon Tattoo

Image by @mellightning via Instagram

To add to this, as far as pagan tattoo ideas go, people have also appeared to mix Nordic and Celtic pagan themes and mythology. If you do want a more authentic or traditional Celtic pagan tattoo, then you can consider including elements like druids, nature, and Celtic symbols like the knot into your tattoo.

Celtic Knot Work Tattoo Piece

Image by @abel_pujol_art and tattoo_autark via Instagram

Pagan Slavic Tattoos

Pagan Slavic religions and rituals were practiced across many countries and cultures in Europe. However, the gods and the beliefs weren't always the same and there were some variations from one community to another.

Svarog Slavic God Tattoo

Image by @deathshalldance via Instagram

That being said, beings like Svarog were worshipped fairly widely. Svarog was considered a divine smith and an instigator of monogamous marriage.

Black Work Leshy Tattoo

Image by @staszek.tattoo via Instagram

Another popular belief involves the leshy, a forest spirit. Leshy acts as a regulator and distributor of prey to hunters. The Leshy was initially the protector of wild animals and then considered the guardian of flocks and herds.

Benevolent Good Spirit Tattoo Piece

Image by @siemka_tattoo via Instagram

On the flip side, you can also consider getting a Kikimora tattoo. There are a few different versions regarding the kikimora but the general concept is that she is a female house spirit and that she can either be good or bad depending on the house owner. So, if you are looking for darker pagan themes for your pagan tattoo, this is one to consider.

Kikimora Witch Sketch Style Tattoo

Image by @kawarin via Instagram

Kikimora Slavic Spirit and Witcher Monster Tattoo

Image by @siemka_tattoo via Instagram

Raven Tattoos

Ravens do show up in many different pagan religions. While some people consider them to be symbols of bad luck, they are also often the messengers of gods. And, in the case of Huginn and Muninn - Odin's ravens - they also travel the world and are associated with knowledge.

Greyish Huginn and Muninn Arm Tattoo

Image by @nefelibata_rites and buntspechttattoos via Instagram

As ravens have also been associated with the devil, these pagan tattoo ideas can be a good option if you wish to explore darker pagan themes and want a darker symbol for your tattoo.

Grey Colored Raven Tummy Tattoo

Image by @nefelibata_rites via Instagram

Pagan Women Tattoos

It can sometimes seem that women are more likely to follow pagan practices, sometimes referred to as witchcraft. Now, this may be because there are many monotheist religions that feel male-dominated and may sometimes even refer to female roles in a derogatory sense.

Grey Colored Sparkling Goddess Tattoo

Image by @mystic_sister_tattoos via Instagram

Due to this, some women may feel that that pagan practices are a better option for them. It is also may be why you are considering pagan tattoo ideas for yourself. One of the options that you can get for your next tattoo can be a naked woman - or naked women - dancing under a full moon!

Tattoo of Three Naked Women Dancing Under the Moon

Image by @sharonn7 via Instagram

Such pagan tattoo ideas are also a great symbol of self-exploration, freedom, and even female empowerment!

Witchy Hands Tattoo

Paganism is sometimes associated with witchcraft. This can be especially true when women practice paganism. If this is something that you consider to be true, then you may want your pagan tattoo to have a witchy feel to it.

Witchy Hand Casting Flames Arm Tattoo

Image by @amie.stephenson via Instagram

If a witch on a broomstick pagan tattoo feels a little too stereotypical to you and you are looking for something different, consider a witchy hands pagan tattoo. As you can see here, this is where the hands are depicted casting spells.

Witch Hands Spooky Tattoo

Image by @chelsartistry via Instagram

For this kind of pagan tattoo, you can add any other occult elements that you want. This can include a pentagram, full moon, cats, a goddess, etc. You are free to customize your pagan tattoo however you feel.

Well, there you have it - all the pagan tattoo ideas that you could possibly need! It doesn't matter if you are looking for more historic designs or something a bit more contemporary, you can find everything you need right here!

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