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85+ Moon and Stars Tattoo Ideas That are Out of This World

If you think there are only simple designs for a moon and stars tattoo, think again! From a moon and a single star tattoo to a stylized crescent moon and stars tattoo, there are dozens of ideas to choose from. As an artist, I have drawn up numerous ideas and can show you the wide […]

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54 Amazing Anime Tattoo Ideas You Will Love

I have been an anime fan forever. Dragon ball is my all-time favorite series, because why not? Imagine having Dragon Ball Goku’s ability to instantly learn the technique of other fighters after seeing it just once. I recommend sailor moon tattoo designs for those who want colorful tattoo art that will contrast nicely with their […]

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90+ Rose Shoulder Tattoo Designs to Bring to Bloom

Single roses, rose bouquets, roses of all colors of the rainbow – the rose shoulder tattoo ideas are never-ending. To find your way around all this ink, you will need a guide. Well, I have spent many years as an artist and can help. With roses being such popular tattoos, I have worked on a […]

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65 Icarus Tattoo Designs to Give Wings to Your Ink

From a cautionary tale to a story of hope, an Icarus tattoo can mean a lot of different things. You should know all the options available to you before you get such a tattoo. As an artist and a fan of Greek mythology, I have designed many tattoos like this, including those focused on the […]

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140 Wild and Wonderful Bear Tattoo Ideas

If you’re looking for bear tattoo ideas, there is an endless selection of designs to consider. This is a popular option after all! I have created quite a few bear tattoo designs and styles over the years. As such, I can show you what a wide array there is to choose from. From realistic bears […]

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104 Fishing Tattoos That are Sure to Reel You In

Even if you only get to fish on the weekends or on vacation, fishing is likely a passion for you; a way of life. So, getting a fishing tattoo is only natural. As an artist, I have designed countless fishing tattoos over the years. From the standard fishing pole and little hook to entire landscapes, […]

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75 Stunning Alien Tattoos That Will Blow You Into Outer Space

If you are interested in all things extraterrestrial, then getting an alien tattoo make sense. Of course, you probably need some inspiration to figure out just what you want to get inked. Fortunately, I have designed my fair share of alien tattoos. As a result, I have had to conduct research into the kind of […]

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54 Gorgeous Shoulder Tattoos for Women

Your shoulder is the perfect spot for a tattoo. From flowers and butterflies to dream-catchers and dragons, the design ideas are endless! If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are the choices available to you. As an artist, I have had the opportunity to design several different tattoos over the years. It has also made […]

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