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40 Butterfly Tattoos Behind the Ear That Will Make Your Heart Fly

From minimalistic, behind the ear tattoo ideas to tattoos with phrases, there are many ways you can make this tattoo design work for you. Call me sentimental, but I have always loved designing butterflies for tattoos. This is such a classic design with a beautiful meaning. While it is a little challenging, I have also […]

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The Double Triangle Tattoo Meaning and 32 Designs to Shape Your Idea

The double triangle tattoo can define gender roles, represent balance, depict opposing forces, religious faith, and more! Geometric patterns have become increasingly popular among clients and while most of them don't have a meaning, a few clients informed me that the double triangle tattoo does. So, I did a deep dive to discover more. In […]

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125+ Hummingbird Tattoo Ideas With Meanings To Help You Stay Positive

Hummingbird tattoos are a delight to have on. Aside from their beautiful features, hummingbirds have many spiritual meanings in different cultures. My favorite among them is their significance in the ancient Aztec civilization where it represents guidance towards positivity. This made me get my first hummingbird tattoo design. The most popular hummingbird tattoo are those […]

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The Rose Tattoo Meaning and 160 Ideas for You

There is no singular rose tattoo meaning as a rose stands for everything from love and loss all the way to death. As an art history buff, I have traced the meaning of the rose from its early myths. So, I love to help people understand the different meanings associated with each design and color […]

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Spider Web Tattoo Meaning With 65+ Stunning Images To Choose From

If you grew up admiring the Amazing Spiderman character as I did, then getting a spider web tattoo just makes sense. Not to burst your bubble, but the harmless spider web tattoo has many negative and positive meanings. When drawn with a skull, the tattoo is said to signify mortality, that no matter how strong […]

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The Sparrow Tattoo Meaning and 100 Ideas for Inspiration

The sparrow tattoo meaning can span from freedom to family - and best of all, you get to choose what your ink means. As an artist, I have been asked to design sparrow tattoos for many years. This prompted me to research what it means and I was amazed to discover how beautiful the symbolism […]

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110+ Nurse Tattoo to Give You a Dose of Good Living

From symbols and traditional designs to crazy ideas, there are many nurse tattoo designs for you to consider. I love designing nurse tattoo concepts for nurses as they are truly heroes in my book. These dedicated, selfless, and tough individuals definitely deserve to have testaments to their character inked on their bodies. Here are all […]

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130 Kid's Name Tattoos to Mark Your Love

From initials to names with images, dates, and more, there are so many designs for kid's name tattoos. As an artist who has been designing tattoos for decades, I know all the different concepts available. I can make it easier for you to find the exact design you have in mind. Take a look at […]

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The Queen of Hearts Tattoo Meaning and 110 Tattoos to Empower You!

The Queen of Hearts tattoo can represent feminism, love, power, strength, sensuality, and so much more. I am a big fan of feminine yet feminist tattoos. This is why I got so excited when one of my regular clients told me that the Queen of Hearts tattoo had more history and significance than most people […]

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The Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo Meaning and 110 Powerful Designs to Choose From

The meaning behind the semicolon butterfly tattoo is to remind people with mental health disorders that there is a silver lining and to raise awareness about such issues. There is an increasing number of people requesting semicolon butterfly tattoo design ideas. Each client I talked to gave me a unique and beautiful story about why […]

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